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Worst idea of the year? We need to hear from you!


Dear Friends,


As a state legislator I do two things; at LEAST two: 
I work to promote good ideas to make life better for the people of Virginia, and I work with my constituents and like-minded legislators to snuff out some really bad ideas. 
I need your help to kill some really bad ideas, like the ones recently coming from Team McAuliffe/ Herring. 
With Governor McAuliffe and AG Herring in power, there's more than enough really bad ideas floating around to last a lifetime. In fact, I'm starting to wonder if there is a competition going between Governor McAuliffe and AG Herring to win the WORST IDEA OF THE YEAR AWARD.
Jacking up the price of driving to work on I-66 to a whopping $17 a day while squandering those toll dollars on bike paths and the like would have looked like a shoo-in for Worst Idea. 
...but Herring (who has had his share of attention this year, mostly in connection with his dereliction of duty on marriage matters) would not be outdone by McAuliffe.
In a prime example of promoting a harmful solution to a problem that doesn't exist, this week Activist General Herring announced an unprecedented move to unilaterally rescind Virginia's reciprocity policy with 25 other states for Concealed Carry of a handgun. 
That means 25 states must now consider whether to revoke their agreements with Virginia, since Virginia will no longer recognize the conceal carry rights of their citizens.  To tens of thousands who protect themselves and their families by choosing to conceal carry a handgun, this is a personal safety issue. To all of us, it’s a threat to our freedom. 
I am already co-sponsoring a bill opposing Herring’s politically motivated maneuvers and will work aggressively to oppose his efforts as he seeks to trample our God-given Constitutionally-protected rights. I will also be introducing a bill to block imposing new tolls without approval of the General Assembly.
Thomas Jefferson famously said that an enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic.
Friends, at every step of the way I need to keep you informed; I consider it to be an important part of my job.  Please help me to do my job by donating today to help me send out constituent surveys and legislative updates this session! 
After communicating and hearing back from you, it’s time for action. That’s why I’m pushing legislation that won’t just hold our ground against the left’s politics of confusion – I fully intend to break new ground, with new protections of your security, your rights, and new guidance for Virginia’s economic future – but I can’t do it alone! Let’s keep up the fight by unifying thousands of like-minded conservatives in our district! They have pens and phones, but we have a written Constitution.
Our goal is to raise $18,250 by January 14th. Please help us reach that goal – every little bit counts!
Sincerely ,
PS Our modest yearly mail budget doesn’t even come close to paying for the updates we’d like to send to you.  Last year  we sent between 30,000 to 40,000 letters. Our postage allowance covers about 2,000 of those letters.
Let us know if you think McAuliffe's $17 tolls or Herring's concealed carry attack is the worst idea of the year!













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