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We're Counting on You to V... V... C... P...


Dear Friends,


This weekend marks the very last stage of an extremely important race.


Outside liberal groups are pouring money into Virginia. Bloomberg’s anti-gun lobby is going all out, spending to push anti-Second Amendment candidates to victory. Planned Parenthood is spending big (our tax dollars) trying to drown the voices of conscientious citizens with a wave of misleading messaging to sugar-coat the horrifying realities of abortion.  And Governor McAuliffe is fundraising frantically, but not so hard that he doesn’t have time to push for unnecessary new restrictions on firearms and a plan for $17 tolls on I-66 that has almost everyone holding their noses.


My wife, Joanne, and me talking with voters


Much of that spending and activity is going on right here in our district. I need your help these last few days as we push back with the facts and get every conservative voter we can to the polls on November 3rd. Recent elections in Virginia, especially Northern Virginia, have been won and lost by razor-thin margins. Sometimes a few dozen votes made all the difference. Here’s what is needed most:

  • Volunteer! We’ll need workers manning polls, making calls, and helping get the vote out – that’s YOU! You don’t need to help all day – help when you can! You can make calls from home if you prefer. Sign up at or call Josiah at 540-751-8182
  • VOTE! When the results come in, make your voice part of those results! In-person Absentee voting is available today and Saturday. More information is here.
  • Contribute! I hate asking for more money, but we have very real costs to cover as our growing team of volunteers distributes literature, we mail flyers and postcards, and we get ready for our Election Day efforts. It’s never too late to chip in, and your donation helps, no matter how small. Go here to contribute.
  • Pray! And, most importantly, please pray for our whole team – that God would keep us safe and give us success and safety as we drive, make calls, walk door-to-door, and work the polls!







We’re counting on YOU!

Will you help us make calls, write letters, join us as we go door-to-door, and help us get out the vote on election day? And please keep the LaRock Team in your prayers. Contact my campaign manager, Josiah Alway, to get involved. or 540-751-8182 or



Some of our amazing campaign volunteers








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