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VIDEO: Timmy French Ready to Negotiate Away Gun Rights - Write-In Dave LaRock!


Dear Friend,


I’ll get straight to the point.

I hope you know my track record on gun rights - if not scroll down or go here.

Please read far enough to learn why I make these statements.

  1. Timmy French is NOT a conservative and he is favored to win and serve Senate District 1 in Richmond. He cheated in the Primary- Go here to learn more
  2. Timmy French, in his own words, in a candidate forum in Edinburg, made it 100% clear that he cannot be trusted with our gun rights.

Not everyone will get the significance of what Timmy French disclosed. I hope enough voters do before the election on November 7th.

Watch and listen to Timmy French on Gun Rights at a recent forum in Shenandoah County (see 1:13:58)

Liberal Moderator: "Gun violence is a national disgrace and the Second Amendment is not protecting lives of children- What will you propose to reduce gun violence?"

Before you listen to what Timmy French said, keep this in mind, conversations among lawmakers about gun violence SHOULD NOT INCLUDE GUNS - NEVER.

Timmy's own words: 

“I just don’t believe the gun is, I do believe the gun is part of the equation and when we sit down to talk about it, it doesn’t need to be excluded."


Notice Timmy started to recite what his pre-scripted cheat sheet told him to say...

Then he completely changed his answer, with an almost Biden-like mistake he went off-script to insert his actual opinion. So now we know.

If we elect someone to the State Senate who doesn't care a whit about the Second Amendment, we will likely undermine gun rights throughout the Commonwealth.

“...I do believe the gun is part of the equation and when we sit down to talk about it, it doesn’t need to be excluded."- Timmy French

Friends, when a conversation about gun violence focuses on guns as Timmy French suggests, without fail, there is a compromise reached that chips away at our Second Amendment rights.

You and I know, our Second Amendment rights are NOT negotiable. FULL STOP

Ralph Northam and the Democrats like talking about the gun, not the criminal, and how in their confused thinking taking away guns from law-abiding citizens will curb gun violence.

See the list of gun compromises below, all of which I fought against. They all started with conversations about guns.

Timmy wants to be liked and he wants power, that makes him dangerous.


  • FACT: Timmy French is the guy who teamed up with Democrats to cheat his way into being the Republican nominee for Virginia Senate District 1. Read more here.
  • FACT: Timmy French is now running alongside Democrats in Frederick County. Read more here.
  • FACT: When it comes to guns, Timmy French is NOT one of us.
  • FACT: If Timmy French is elected we could lose on close votes on gun laws.



  • Voting Record on Guns -- Never held public office.
  • Work in Defense of Gun Rights -- None claimed.
  • Position on Guns During Primary -- Vague
  • Overall Grading of Timmy French -- Not much to go on. Since he has never lifted a finger to protect gun rights, how do we really know where he stands? 

After Primary voting had already started, he filled out NRA and VCDL questionnaires and received acceptable scores. But can we trust him?

Timmy French sent an email to the Frederick County GOP Chairman claiming to support all the local Republican nominees, yet we continue to see his signs going up all over the County with the Frederick First/Democrat candidates who are running AGAINST our Republican nominees- that tells me he is willing to lie to get votes.



Dave has opposed every anti-gun law that was introduced during his entire 10 years in the General Assembly.

Dave has been endorsed by the Virginia Citizens Defense League in every election for the past decade, including in this year's Primary over Timmy French.

Dave worked against enactment of every single piece of the entire anti-gun agenda put through by Governor Northam when the Democrats had complete control of the Virginia Senate and House. 

Dave is committed to repealing every single anti-gun bill passed by the anti-gun Democrats, including:

An Activist for Gun Rights

Remember when 25,000 Virginians traveled, many of them armed, to Richmond to carry around the State Capitol in January 2020? 

Dave was there and helped when the Northam administration tried to hinder logistics of the VCDL rally.

Remember when Virginians met by the thousands, urging their county & city leaders across the Commonwealth, to pass Second Amendment Sanctuary Acts? Dave was there. And he continues to fight for states to be able to resist the anti-gun Biden Justice Department's anti-gun policies. 

This year, Dave was the only state legislator in the country to join a brief filed by Gun Owners of America in U.S. Circuit Court to support the Missouri Second Amendment Protection Act. The case is United States v. Missouri, U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit, No. 23-1457. The brief can be read here.

Dave's brief argued: "State resistance to federal overreach is not unheard of in America. Indeed, it was anticipated by the Framers of the Constitution that, if the federal government was deemed to have exceeded its constitutionally enumerated powers, the States and their peoples would be expected — indeed, counted on — to “push back” against such acts of federal usurpation."

The Biden Administration needs more of that -- state legislators who "push back" against federal usurpation!!! 

Right now, Missouri is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to lift an injunction issued against the Missouri law by a federal district judge. Dave will again join the next brief supporting Missouri that will be filed in coming weeks. 

I know the right to keep and bear arms is important to voters in the Shenandoah Valley. We not only have bears running through parks, farms, and even occasionally our neighborhoods , but also serious problems with drugs, criminals, and mental health, and we're seeing Hamas, Hezbollah, MS-13 and others infiltrate our country through the open borders.

With law enforcement stretched thin and response times often significant in rural areas, we need to be able to protect our families and our businesses from threats.

The Shenandoah Valley does not need another milk-toast RINO in the Virginia State Senate. We have enough of those.

We need a Senator with deeply held convictions, and a track record defending gun rights --- all of them --- not just some lip service designed to appear conservative.

Vote for the only real pro-gun candidate in the race. WRITE-IN Dave LaRock.

This is a huge effort, with voting already underway, and we can only do it with your support. Please contribute TODAY to help us get 2nd Amendment supporters out to vote for Dave.

Thanks again for the honor of serving you. I continue to serve the people of the 33rd House District as your elected representative until January 9th, 2024. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help you.


PS: Timmy French appeals to Democrats, and wants to be your Senator, yet he avoids the conversation about defending our Second Amendment rights, protecting pre-born babies and the rights of parents to raise their kids apart from liberal indoctrination.

Republicans don’t have to play along with the Democrats' plan to steal a seat in the Virginia Senate. Write-in conservative Dave LaRock now through November 7th.

Concerned about splitting the vote?

This new district historically votes very Republican. Voters can be comfortable choosing between Dave LaRock, the proven conservative Republican, and Timmy French, the Republican In Name Only (RINO), without risking letting a Democrat sneak in.


If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or email my office at 540-751-8364 or You can also follow me on X/twitter @DaveLaRockForVA and my Facebook page to keep up to date. I'm also now on MeWe and Telegram.


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