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VIDEO: My Far-left Elitist Opponent Speaks Out on 2A!


Dear Friend,


Here is a video of my far-left, elitist, anti-Second-Amendment opponent, who is funded by people who think we need them to run our lives for us.


Please help me stand up for our rights!  



On this Independence weekend I am preparing for the July 9th Special Session called by Governor Northam.


Northam is wasting $50,000 a day for the sole purposes of hammering away at our constitutionally protected right to self-defense and scoring political points.


I'll be pushing to protect the right to protect self and family even in public buildings.


The liberal Left continues to push their radical agenda against American values. The money is pouring in to flip our legislature to Democrat control.





P.S. My opponent proudly boasts of supporting more  restrictions on your right to self-defense. Will the next campaign finance disclosures show you standing with me in support of your right to keep and bear arms?




I encourage you to keep in touch with me and my office. I value the feedback you provide on a continual basis as it helps me do a better job of representing you. We are here to serve you! You can reach us at, 540-751-8364, Facebook, and Twitter








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Paid for and Authorized by Dave LaRock for Virginia
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