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Two Game-Changers in One Week!


Dear friends,

There’s big news this week in Virginia on several fronts!
First, the U.S. Supreme Court moved to block the start of same-sex marriages in the Commonwealth as the Court gets ready to hear Virginia’s defense of our constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman. This issue – historically left to the states to decide – has come under an onslaught of legal challenges relying on arguments that fabricate a new meaning for the Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment, while disregarding the mandates of the Declaration of Independence, the pillar and foundation of the American Republic. Voters and legislators in Virginia correctly defined marriage, and the collective judgments of millions of voters shouldn’t be arbitrarily overturned by the preferences of a few judges.
I wrote a blog post discussing this debate here, and you can read about the court decision in an excellent WSJ piece here
The second game-changer is Delegate Ben Chafin’s win!  Delegate Chafin ran to fill Virginia’s 38th District Senate seat, left vacant by Senator Phillip Puckett earlier this year. This has huge implications, as Puckett’s departure and Chafin’s election move the Senate from Democratic to Republican control. Many excellent bills that were passed in the House last year died in the Democrat-controlled Senate, which instead focused on trying to pass a massive Medicaid expansion and raise Virginia’s minimum wage. I’m optimistic this year will see new progress in our legislature as we work to secure our God-given rights and help Virginia prosper. 
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I hope to see many of you as I visit 'Back-to-School' nights around the district over the next several weeks- let me know if you can join me at one!


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