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Dear Friend,


As you’ve probably heard, our Virginia election was heavily influenced by money coming from out-of-state to support Democrat challengers.


Now some close House races are being challenged, and Democrats are hiring teams of lawyers to undo what is now a 51-49 Republican majority in the House.



View the step-by-step process of certifying House election results here.


Holding the majority is extremely important as it will allow Republicans to have far more strength to oppose attempts to advance policies that Virginia is far better off without.


I hope you will consider supporting the legal team who will defend the 51-49 Republican majority.




PS This is not a gimmick to manipulate through fear to raise a few more dollars, it is real. Please see the email below:


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In the face of the largest statewide Democratic margin in three decades and a tidal wave of outside money, Republicans have maintained a 51 to 49 seat majority in the House of Delegates. 

However, Democrats are asking for recounts in several key races that would swing the balance of the House of Delegates. Our team is on the ground in these districts fighting to keep our majority, but we need help from you to keep our team of attorneys going. 
Please donate now by clicking here.

While our majority may be smaller, our commitment to good governance based on conservative principles is unchanged and unwavering. For more than a decade, we have protected Virginia’s business climate, kept taxes low, invested in education and our workforce, and responsibly governed the Commonwealth’s budget. We will continue to do so in the years to come.

But Democrats are eager to take the majority and advance their liberal agenda. They want Obamacare expansion, higher taxes, abortion on demand and more. 

We need a Republican majority in the House of Delegates. Click here to donate now. 

Thank you so much for your votes, your support, and your donations. 
Again, please chip in right away by clicking here

- House Republicans


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