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The Front Lines of Health and Education


Dear Friends,

Yesterday, Delegate Randy Minchew and I met with Carol Jameson, Chief Executive Officer, and Robine Hardey, Chief Financial Officer, to tour the Leesburg Health Works facility, a local non-profit organization that is providing for the health care needs of hundreds of local residents at a greatly reduced cost.



Tonight I’ll be visiting the Loudoun Free Clinic in Leesburg.

There are several several organizations operating as businesses that serve folks in our district. That means they are motivated to provide high-quality service, operate efficiently, and generate revenue which sustains and grows the business. Their staffs of employees and volunteers are dedicated to serving people who range from homeless adults to families who are challenged financially.

This approach contrasts starkly with the reality of Obamacare. While these organizations provide an amazing service, blessing our residents and involving our community with the opportunity to give charitably, our federal government would prefer to lock us into a permanent federal program that will make life more difficult for every citizen by increasing our taxes and saddling future generations with debt. I think the choice is obvious - we need to do everything we can to encourage alternative healthcare projects such as Health Works.



New Educators

I was honored with the opportunity to attend the New Educators Breakfast in Winchester, hosted by the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber on Friday. It’s tremendously exciting to see a new generation of dedicated professionals ready to pour their lives into educating our youth. I’m optimistic that the legislation we passed last session that will cut down on testing requirements will help to make things easier for our new teachers to do what they signed up to do - teach kids.


September- A barbecue with a very special theme

Save the Date! This September 15th, we will have another great evening with food, wines, and music representing a true 'Taste of Loudoun.' Join us at Vickie and Richard Norman's residence in Paeonian Springs from 7:00-9:00 pm; special guests to be announced!



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