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Dear Friends,


Two years ago, the people of the 33rd District granted me the honor of representing them in the Virginia House of Delegates, the oldest continuous legislative body in the New World.  
Over the last 22 months, I have worked hard to fulfill my campaign promises of prioritizing transportation spending to relieve our traffic congestion, protecting our fundamental rights, including Life, the 2nd Amendment, and Property, and reforming our education system to provide better opportunities and choices for students and parents. While some of these initiatives have been successful, others have been blocked by the Governor and Lt. Governor, so I am eager to keep fighting until we see success!
I’m deeply grateful that the citizens of our district have again asked me to serve them as their representative in the Virginia House of Delegates. Having served once before in this office only increases my appreciation for the depth of this responsibility. The people of the 33rd District and Virginia have very real needs and challenges, and I will do everything I can to serve them while upholding the Constitution of Virginia.
Our team put up a fantastic effort. Thank you to all of our volunteers and supporters who showed incredible dedication to helping us carry this race, and to my family who has worked right alongside me in bringing our message to our neighbors in Northern Virginia. I can’t thank you enough! We did our part and give God the glory.

My re-election came by a 24% margin of victory over my nearest opponent, much wider that the 11% in 2013. Full results are here. Campaigning is not easy, so I appreciate the personal sacrifices Chuck Hedges and Mark Anderson made to be candidates.
I’m honored by the faith and trust shown to me by the voters of our district. As always, I am committed to serving every constituent to the best of my ability, regardless of their political views. The people of Virginia face common challenges and we have to work together to solve them!


P.S. Congratulations to Frederick County Red Bud Supervisor-Elect Blaine Dunn, Loudoun County Blue Ridge Supervisor-Elect Tony Buffington, and Clarke County Millwood Supervisor-Elect Terri Trimble Catlett; I look forward to working with you to serve our constituents!











District Office:
P.O. Box 6
Hamilton, Virginia 20159
(540) 751-8364
Social Media:
Facebook: DelegateDaveLaRock
Twitter: LaRock4Delegate





Phone: 540-751-8364



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