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LaRock Calls on Opponent to Stop the Lies

Dave LaRock made a final request to Mary Daniel with regard to her frequent mailings about miscarriages – tell the truth now, or call it quits.

“These mailers contain false statements about the law, and false claims about what I have said,” stated LaRock. “If Daniel continues spreading these lies now, we have absolutely no reason to trust her with an elected office.”

LaRock referred specifically to Daniel’s repeated claim that he supported an amendment to the Virginia Constitution. Despite repeated requests for an explanation, the Daniel campaign has produced no actual example of such a statement.

“My opponent has tried to pass off HB 1, the Personhood Bill, as being the same as a constitutional amendment. This is a ridiculous assertion coming from an attorney who should know that a bill is very different than a constitutional amendment. Contrary to Mary Daniel’s claims, HB1 would have explicitly protected mothers from being charged or investigated,” said LaRock.

Daniel Davies, LaRock’s campaign manager, added, “This deliberately manipulative campaign focused on miscarriage isn’t just happening in the 33rd District – it’s a tactic being used by Democrats around the Commonwealth. Dave and other Republicans are campaigning on bringing jobs and economic growth, lower taxes and fiscal responsibility, while Daniel and other Democrats are campaigning on lies about social issues.”

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