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Republican Leader Calls Timmy French “Phony... Democrats' Chosen Candidate for Senate!


Dear Friend,

The residents of Senate District 1 (SD-1) deserve to be represented by a reliable conservative. Write in Dave LaRock to get the leadership you deserve.

People are connecting the dots to see the real Timmy French.

In the words of the 6th Congressional District Republican Chairman, Timmy First is

“...Phony... the Democrats chosen candidate”.

Timmy First is a Republican impersonator: weak on guns, elusive on Life, disinterested on veterans' needs, partner with the promoters of school porn and clueless on just about any issue except his trade- agriculture.  

A few weeks ago, Timmy First and his "Frederick First" FastTrack developer friends promoted the June 9, 2023, "Winchester Pride Celebration".

VIDEO: "Drag queens" for kids - brought to you by Team Timmy French

Let’s be clear, Timmy First French and his team of Democrats are okay with transvestites and homosexuals parading in the streets for all to see, kids included. 

Timmy First wants to be Senator so bad his team promotes young children watching as men scantily dressed in women's clothes danced around provocatively. Keep that in mind when you decide between conservative Dave LaRock and Timmy French.

This event claimed to be "Family Friendly", and there were definitely kids there; photos from the event from a pro-LGBT website, and videos posted by the same photo-journalist and by one of the drag queens show what French's Frederick First Friends promoted.

Del. Dave LaRock has a decade of proven leadership in protecting our kids, supporting parental rights, stopping indoctrination in our public schools, and fighting for education excellence and opportunity.

This is a huge effort, with voting already underway, and we can only do it with your support. Please contribute to help us get conservatives out to vote for Dave and watch and share the video above.

Evidence is piling up to prove Timmy First's campaign continues to coordinate with "Frederick First" Democrats running against our Republican Candidates, and the evidence is in the public record, as the September 15 campaign finance reports showed Frederick First's top-of-the-ticket, Gary Oates, giving an $800+ contribution to Timmy:

Gary Oates' September report also showed him sending another $1,000 to Timmy's campaign manager, Molly Tressler, bringing Oates' payouts to Tressler to $5,000 in less than four months....

Anyone driving through Frederick County today sees 30+ massive groups of Frederick First Developers / Timmy French sign arrays. As the signs clearly show, Timmy has chosen to team up with the Frederick County Democrats and abuse his position as the Republican nominee:

Why is Timmy French listed on the ballot as the “Republican” nominee for the First Senate District? When Democrats can’t win playing fair - they cheat and yes, Timmy French cheated. Timmy First French teamed up with Democrats, to cheat Republicans out of being represented by a true conservative in the First Senate District.

According to voter history and data from the Virginia Department of Elections, Republicans in the June 20 primary overwhelmingly chose Dave LaRock, out of a crowded field of candidates, to be their conservative representative. 

Frederick County Democrats are running as Frederick First candidates. "Frederick First" and the Democrats think they can trick Republicans into voting for rapid growth and development, leading to massively increased taxes and spending.

I sincerely hope Republican voters take heed. Timmy teamed up with Democrats to win the primary, he is betraying local Republicans by siding with Democrats leading up to the general election, and he’s hiding from issues while asking us to trust him to be our state senator.  

Electing solid conservatives is our path to lowering the cost of living, protecting children, empowering parents, getting schools refocused on education, respecting our shared conservative values, and keeping our communities safe.

Republicans don’t have to play along with the Democrats' plan to put an impersonator in the Virginia Senate.

Write in conservative Dave LaRock now through November 7th.

Gov. Youngkin’s 68% win in SD 1 two years ago means even with a WRITE-IN challenge, a Republican will be elected on Nov. 7th – the question is only whether it will be Timmy French, who chooses to run with Democrats, or me, a proven conservative Republican leader.



P. S. Democrats think they have outsmarted conservative Republicans once again, but we can write-in Delegate Dave LaRock to prove them wrong!

Thanks again for the honor of serving you. I continue to serve the people of the 33rd House District as your elected representative until January 9th, 2024. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help you.


If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or email my office at 540-751-8364 or You can also follow me on Twitter @DaveLaRockForVA and my Facebook page to keep up to date. I'm also now on MeWe and Telegram.


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Paid for and authorized by Dave LaRock for Virginia

Paid for and Authorized by Dave LaRock for Virginia
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