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33rd District News: Put One in the “W” Column!



Dear Friend,


Our prayers have been answered!


Last night the now-Republican-controlled Senate stood firm with the super-majority in the Republican-controlled House and passed a budget for the people of Virginia! Not only that, but we successfully revised the budget language to block the Governor from expanding Medicaid without approval of the legislature. This is huge – it makes the law crystal clear that for a Medicaid expansion to ever happen, it will be by law, not a stroke of a governor’s pen.


I’ve been asking folks to pray for a good outcome to this budget/Medicaid issue so when it comes out this well I’ll say without a doubt, our prayers have been answered. Thank YOU for your calls, letters, and signatures in support of getting Medicaid out of the budget! This support made a tremendous difference! The budget still needs a signature from the Governor, and he’ll have the opportunity to return it back to the legislature with amendments, but I can tell you that if the governor submits any amendment that expands Medicaid, the House will reject that amendment.


We’ll now shift our focus to solving the economic and healthcare challenges of Virginia from a stronger and safer position. This is an enormous win for the people of Virginia, and puts us on track to give people what they really need - good jobs, not dependency on sub-standard subsidized health care.


While this is good news for Virginia, the Democrats are steaming mad. Thanks to Gov. McAuliffe's fundraising prowess,they are going to have resources to come after me and other conservatives they blame for this loss. Please consider supporting me at the event below, or in any other way.


Thanks again for your continued prayers and support!





Upcoming Event!
Join us to support Dave on June 24, from 7-9 pm, at the Cajun Experience in Leesburg. We’ll have live music, delicious food served in authentic Cajun style, and the chance to win a quality firearm in a raffle! More details to follow, or you can visit our website for updates here.



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Please forward this email to your friends and encourage them to sign up for our updates. Click here to sign up.







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