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Proposed McAuliffe Toll Could Increase Your E-ZPass Bill to $757/month!


Dear Friends,


I’m working to advance good ideas and kill bad ideas. 
BAD IDEA-Governor McAuliffe thinks people commuting to Washington ought to pay an additional $17 toll to drive on I-66 inside the beltway with proceeds going to a variety of non-road projects including Metro and bike paths.
This will hit many of the families and businesses of our district hard. Many commuters already take I-66 as an alternative to the costly trip on Route 267, or the dead-slow trip on Route 7. 
GOOD IDEAS- I’m working hard to bring sensible, reasonable transportation funding and spending to our area because transportation and corresponding fees and taxes heavily affect our quality of life. 
Your precious time spent stuck in traffic means you aren’t at home with your family. If you drive I-66 for 22 days a month at $17 a day, that equals over $4,000 (that’s right, four THOUSAND dollars) a year. ONE McAuliffe toll hike is $4,000 a year you won’t spend on your family vacation or your children’s education. Add that to the $17.40/day we currently pay on the Greenway and Dulles Toll Road, and the combined toll will be over $34/day, $757/month, or $9,000/year to travel the 35 miles from Leesburg to Washington.
That’s just not acceptable, and that’s why I’m campaigning to go back to Richmond to keep reforming our transportation spending. 
I need your help to stay on the job, working against those who treat commuters as cash cows.
Our re-election campaign has lots of expenses – printing, mail, advertising, staff and more. If you think someone else will contribute and keep us in good financial shape, please know that YOU are the most important member of The LaRock Team. 
We’re counting on YOU.
Will you help us make calls, write letters, join us as we go door-to-door, and help us get out the vote on 
election day! Every vote counts!











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