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UPDATE 3/31/2014:

The General Assembly adjourned March 8th without finishing the state budget. Gov. McAuliffe called a special session of the legislature to meet March 24th and complete the budget, and the House of Delegates passed a budget, but the Senate left town before considering it.

Please help me continue to push for timely passage of Virginia's budget. Holding hostage funding for our schools, teachers, police officers, firefighters and local governments is wrong. Local government officials have been sending letters to Gov. McAuliffe asking him to drop his demand to include Medicaid Expansion in the budget. Here are some of the elected officials in the 33rd District who have sent letters:

Loudoun County Board of Supervisors letter and Resolution

Frederick County Board of Supervisors (letter and resolution)

Clarke County Board of Supervisors (letter and resolution)

Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue Robert Wertz

Loudoun County Sheriff Michael Chapman

Loudoun County Clerk of the Circuit Court Gary Clemens

Frederick County Commonwealth's Attorney Ross Spicer

Clarke County Commissioner of the Revenue Donna Peake


Please contact your County elected officials and urge them to send a letter to Gov. McAuliffe. You can find their contact information here. 



March 6, 2014

Dear Friends,

The General Assembly is set to adjourn Saturday, but it doesn't look like we will finish the state budget.

Governor Terry McAuliffe and General Assembly Democrats are demanding that we expand ObamaCare in Virginia before they will agree to pass a budget.

This is wrong. Virginia's budget is not a bargaining chip. Regardless of how you feel about ObamaCare, holding hostage funding for our schools, teachers, police officers, firefighters and local governments is wrong. Threatening a state government shutdown if you don't get what you want is not the Virginia way.

Click here to sign a petition telling Terry McAuliffe to drop his demands for ObamaCare and let Virginia pass a clean budget. 

I do not support expanding ObamaCare in Virginia. Simply put, Medicaid needs significant reform and I do not think the federal government will keep its commitment to indefinitely pay 90% of the cost for ObamaCare's Medicaid expansion.

But Governor McAuliffe wants Obamacare no matter what it costs Virginia.

The Governor needs to hear from you. Please, sign this petition asking Governor McAuliffe to pass a clean budget. 







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