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Peaceful Patriots Flood Richmond Protesting Overreach

Dear Friends,

The third week of the 2020 Session has concluded, and I wanted to take a moment to update you on the latest news from Richmond.

This past Monday, January 20th, witnessed an unprecedented gathering of tens of thousands of gun rights activists assembled to assert their Second Amendment rights, as well as to lobby in opposition of gun control measures introduced by the Democrat-controlled House and Senate. Demonstrators were responsible and respectful, even taking care to clean up the area at the end of their event. People gathered, exercised their Constitutional rights, and dispersed.

I would like to emphasize my appreciation for those of you who took the time to speak with me and my staff on Monday, as well as express my commitment to making Virginia a safer place by protecting the rights of gun owners.

Many constituents and friends from Loudoun, Clarke, and Frederick Counties made the trip to Richmond to stand up for our fundamental, God-given rights.



As I returned home Friday afternoon, it was very uplifting to hear President Trump's remarks at the March for Life rally. Even pro-lifers suspicious of Trump have to admire his March for Life speech. It is undeniable that on the issues dear to the hearts of life and family leaders, President Trump has been consistent.

As Democrats press to repeal laws which keep men, women, and children safer, they are also bent on putting violent criminals back on the streets and tormenting victims in the process. Here's the link to A MUST SEE VIDEO on YouTube.

I remain focused on passing meaningful legislation in the House of Delegates despite a slow start on the part of the Democratic leadership. I am working to lower Greenway tolls and improve broadband in rural areas. I’m happy to report good progress.

Here is a list of all my filed bills.

With a record number of bills and a slow pace starting out, now we’re moving at a brisk pace with numerous overlapping obligations daily. Here are a few of my bills which had hearings in the last few days.

  • My Family Life Education bill to promote parental involvement did not pass.
  • My Repeal of the Church Gun Ban did not pass even with the recent shooting in Texas that was ended quickly by a church member.
  • My Stop Gun Free Zones in Public Buildings did not pass this week. Democrats heard testimony from Jason Nixon, who lost his wife in the Virginia Beach massacre. Kate Nixon was told that in order to keep her job, she had to give up her right to self-defense. She chose her job and it cost her life in a government imposed Gun-Free-Zone.
  • Traffic Incident Management Vehicles, a bill to help clear highway accidents quickly, is moving along on the House side.
  • My School Divisions of Innovation bill to start rolling back SOL testing and replacing with performance-based testing is moving forward.
  • I Presented Budget Amendments proposing to move monies marked my the Governor for gun confiscation and Red Flag law enforcement to instead support increased mental health care and other services that will make people safer.

You can find a complete list of my legislation HERE and my amendments to Virginia’s budget HERE.

You can also track other legislation in the General Assembly here.

As the delegate representing the 33rd District, I hold your concerns as my highest priority. If ever I may be of assistance to you and your family, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at You can also follow me on twitter @LaRock4Delegate or like my Facebook page to keep up to date with what I’m doing in Richmond.

Throughout the next 6 weeks, I will do my best to communicate with you through these emails and social media; please follow me on all of these platforms for the latest updates.

Thank you for the honor and privilege you have entrusted me with. Please keep me and all our elected officials in your prayers, especially these next several weeks.


I was honored to introduce to the House Of Delegates Fraternal Order of Police of Virginia President John Ohrnberger and other members of the Fraternal Order of Police, made up of roughly 7000 sworn law enforcement officers from all across the Commonwealth, including Local Law Enforcement agencies, State Police, Sheriff’s Deputies, Capitol Police and Corrections Officers to just name a few. They are supported by an Auxiliary lodge that is comprised of family members and an Associate lodge comprised of citizens who work to support law enforcement officers.

I met with these wonderful ladies who serve our community through the Loudoun Healthy Families program. Their hard work helps to prevent difficult home situations from deteriorating, providing support and encouragement to help families take care of themselves, stay strong together, and provide a healthy and happy home environment for at-risk kids in our community.


There's been a huge law enforcement presence around Capitol Square all session- they've brought Virginia State Police troopers from all around the state.

Here, I'm speaking with First Sergeant Chris Clark, of the Virginia State Police, Training Division, who stopped by the office; I asked him about about a couple of items of interest to the 33rd District.


Julie, Kathy, and Cindy Funkhouser traveled from Frederick County to Richmond to advocate for "Danny's Bill", introduced by Senator Vogel, which I have co-patroned. This legislation will help ensure necessary support and other resources are made available to those in dire need of recovery services to break free from bondage to substance abuse.


 Testimony from Jason Nixon, who lost his wife in the Virginia Beach massacre. Kate Nixon was told that in order to keep her job, she had to give up her right to self-defense. She chose her job and it cost her life in a government imposed Gun-Free-Zone.

I met with William Just, a constituent from Leesburg, who is serving as a House Page this session.

The pages are official employees of the House of Delegates, and fulfill a wide range of duties to help ensure that the business of the House is conducted efficiently. Congratulations to William for attaining this highly competitive appointment!


My son John and one of his friends were able to make it down to Richmond for the big VCDL Lobby Day!

Several media outlets asked to interview me this week about the growing perception that the Democrat centralization of power in Northern Virginia is causing them to ignore the other areas of Virginia and force their radical agenda on all of Virginia. Here's a link to my interview with WUSA 9.



Finishing up the presentation of my bills which would restore full legal protection to citizens in places of worship and local government employees who chose to exercise their right to defend themselves against attackers.

Unfortunately, these common-sense solutions, which have proven results of stopping criminals with guns, were voted down by the Democrat-controlled subcommittee.

The patriots rallying for their right to be protected from Gov. Northam and the Democrats' radical, ridiculous, and unconstitutional gun grabs has drawn international attention.

Here I'm speaking with a video crew from TV Tokyo, Japan, down from Washington, DC, to cover the events of the day.


Get in touch and stay connected:


District Office: P.O. Box 6, Hamilton, Virginia 20159 (540) 751-8364

Paid for and authorized by Dave LaRock for Delegate

Paid for and Authorized by Dave LaRock for Virginia
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