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Never Give Up!

Dear Friends,

The political arena is often referred to as a battlefield. That is fitting. Both sides would consider theirs to be the righteous cause. For that reason, I feel a connection even to those whose ideology has little overlap with the ideology shared among the conservative side. With that said, congratulations to all who prevailed in the 2019 election, and a sincere thank you to all who participated as candidates, volunteers, managers, Virginia-based donors, and, of course, voters. You all played an important role.

What’s ahead for Virginia? I will make an optimistic forecast for conservatives. After mourning over unsuccessful contests fades, we will persevere, of that I am certain. The same love of righteousness that causes us to sacrifice so much in the face of horrible odds does not wither when a battle is lost, it will intensify. It is our faith in our Creator, our love for family, and, finally, the freedom that is ingrained in us that will never yield to those who would take away what God has given to us.

Every time our God-given rights are further encroached upon, we need to strengthen our resolve. We can be sure that is what is ahead. Democrats will seek to dismantle parental rights and the rights of the unborn, big government will impose higher taxes and more costly regulations, our ability to protect self and family will be targeted; all this and more is ahead.

We must maintain an unwavering commitment to our foundational principles, the same principles that drove our Founders to breath life into this nation at its beginning. We are discouraged now, but that will pass soon.

I know that as we regroup to move on to our next battle our numbers will be formidable and our resolve will grow stronger. Because we are on the right side of this war between good and evil, and with His help, we will prevail.



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