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My Dog Had 21 Puppies, So...


Dear Friend,

Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom plaque in the House of Delegates chamber

Part of campaigning is asking for money - no fun.

I sometimes laugh at the spin people put on it when asking things like,

"My dog had 21 puppies, so send $21", makes sense, right? Or not...

So here's my pitch:

19? or 41?

Yesterday Joanne and I celebrated that first day of Spring 41 years ago when we were joined together in marriage. She is truly the love of my life. 

So if that inspires you to send $41, we would be extremely grateful.

Now, if you're reaching for your calculator to figure out how many days that is, it's 14,965, but that's probably way too much to ask for, forget I brought it up.

19 is the number of grandchildren we've been blessed with (so far), so fundraising logic applied to that number might lead you to donate $19 

...and that would be absolutely wonderful. 

If our seven children all have an average of six children (slightly under where the average is now), that would be 42, or extended out one more generation, would be 252 dedicated Republican activists. Propagate and conquer!

Thanks for your help and for having a laugh with me.

Please keep me on the job, so I can keep making sure the government works for the people - not against them.

I am so grateful for the support you have sent my way: prayer support, financial contributions and volunteer time. You are my TEAM!

For LaRocks, campaigning is serious, but it can be fun. Campaigning gets me out meeting people who care about refocusing education, defending our gun rights, election reform and defending the unborn, just to name a few things.

On Saturday, my lovely daughters, Abby, Laura and Elizabeth with her sweet baby Ezra, (my brand new 18th grandchild), along with my wife, Joanne, and I had a blast meeting and greeting folks at the gun bash in Berryville. I have included a few pictures from the event below.

Thank you for your support, and I hope you will click here to support my efforts to make our communities and Commonwealth a better place for us all!

As always, please share your ideas with me!


Thanks again for the honor of serving you. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help you!

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or email my office at 540-751-8364 or You can also follow me on Twitter @DaveLaRock4VA and my Facebook page to keep up to date. I'm also now on MeWe and Telegram.


Winchester-Frederick-Clarke Republican Women’s Club Gun Bash


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