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"...More Money Than You Can Believe..."


Dear Friends,


Before I ask for your financial support and introduce you to my extremely liberal opponent who says she has,
“…an army of volunteers and more money than you can believe.”
…I want to let you know that 2019 was a very productive session. While Virginia's three highest elected officials appeared front-and-center on the world stage, disgracing Virginia...
My team stayed focused, and we delivered solid results. 

Rest assured, all along I have remained committed to a conservative approach of maintaining high level of service while balancing the state budget and keeping taxes low for hardworking Virginians. I’m pleased to report House Republicans prioritized many important initiatives:
Passing nearly $1billion dollars in tax relief 
Making college more affordable
Improving our public education 
Preparing our workforce for the 21st century
Improving Interstate 81
Standing up for human life
Improving our roads 
Keeping our children safe in school
Expanding high-quality, affordable internet access
Providing more affordable health care options
Fighting the opioid crisis
Defending against anti-business initiatives 
Supporting our veterans  
After spending most of January and February looking out for you in Richmond as your elected delegate, I've been back home working intently to untangle the state road funding boondoggle that is shortchanging our region in a big way. It’s been busy; because, as you probably know, I am the last Republican delegate representing Loudoun County. I have been nominated by the Republican party to run for re-election, so I will be working hard campaigning this summer.
Stepping up to challenge me is a well-funded retired hedge fund manager/far-left liberal. She is nipping at my heels, already twisting phony messaging about bills and laws she doesn’t take time to understand. 
Del. Kathy Tran with my opponent
She is very confident she will be your delegate after November.
While I have been working hard for the people of the 33rd District, my extreme liberal opponent was furiously fund raising to pay her over-sized team of overpaid consultants. I don’t need to outraise her, but I do need to raise enough to run a strong campaign and secure a solid win in November.
When my opponent was asked, "What is your plan to beat LaRock?" She replied:
“I just think that the moon and the stars have aligned for us this year and it’s just going to happen. I have an army of volunteers, more money than you can believe.” She went on to lay out her goal, saying: “The most important part of winning this particular battle is that we have to win a strong majority in the House and in the Senate.”
If my opponent seems out of step with the values of the District, keep in mind that roughly 90% of my opponent’s money comes from her personal wealth and a few friends from other states.
My opponent wants to flip the legislature blue and pass bills like Kathy Tran’s extreme abortion bill and legalize infanticide, all at taxpayers' expense. 
After Del. Kathy Tran admitted she would allow aborting a child as it was being born, and Gov. Northam went even further, my opponent said, “My guess is that Delegate Tran probably said her words not the way she wanted to and I am in favor of a women’s right to choose."
As Gov. Northam, LG Justin Fairfax and AG Herring have become an embarrassment to Virginia, and as Republicans and Democrats called for Governor Northam and Justin Fairfax to step down, what did my opponent do?
In her own words, “I do support Governor Northam.” Mavis Taintor
There has never been a word from my opponent about Justin Fairfax, or in support of the women who allegedly were violated by him.
My opponent insists that Medicaid “…has cost the state of Virginia practically nothing...” This is very misleading or uninformed given Medicaid now consumes 25% of our operations budget and is rapidly growing. She also openly advocates removal of work requirements for able-bodied working-age adults who access Medicaid.
Virginia businesses are on edge seeing many Democrat-endorsed proposals being barely defeated in 2019. It’s a safe guess that many businesses considering moving to Virginia are on alert as well. Those businesses who see Right-to Work as a fundamental necessity may look farther south. My opponent favors repeal of Right-to-Work, a move which would force teachers and others to pay union dues which are then used to support the extreme liberal candidates (Tran, Northam, Fairfax, Herring) who cozy up to the unions.
My opponent panders to the hardcore pro-abortion advocates and boasts of an endorsement by Indivisible, a group that stirs up discord between law enforcement and the public. 
My opponent’s anti-gun proposals are right in step with Bloomberg and company. That makes her a fit if she was running in New York City, her hometown, which she sometimes lists as her residence.
I’ve mentioned only a few of my opponent’s extreme positions; believe me, these just scratch the surface. 
Yet she raised roughly four times what I did in the first three months of 2019. I need your help right now!
I look forward to carrying the values of individual liberty, efficient government, and common-sense solutions to our everyday issues.
Working as a Virginia Delegate is a very demanding position, and I’m frequently asked what makes the sacrifice of time away from family and putting aside of personal interests worthwhile?
The answer is simple: I see the things my team and I are accomplishing as being very significant. When we pass a law that improves transportation, it’s not about roads, it’s about getting people out of congested traffic and back home safely with a minimum of wasted time. When we improve education or help in the fight against opioid abuse, it makes for brighter futures. Passing my budget amendment stopping taxpayer-funded abortions seemed impossible; it took six years and was worth the effort.
There is so much to be done, and I’d like to continue working with leaders in our communities to turn challenges into opportunities; fighting to improve quality of life for young and old and everyone in between. Local leaders know me as trustworthy, hard-working, and that I am Rock-solid in fighting for common-sense conservative solutions. I have a six-year record of working across the aisle on bipartisan solutions to some of the more difficult issues that face our communities.
[fname], I need your help to continue representing you and improving quality of life for all of us! Please consider contributing to my campaign today. The online contribution form and instructions for mailing a check, if you prefer, are available here.



Family members and I knocking doors



I encourage you to keep in touch with me and my office over the coming months. I value the feedback you provide on a continual basis as it helps me do a better job of representing you. We are here to serve you! You can reach us at, 540-751-8364, Facebook, and Twitter








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