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McAuliffe’s HB 1752 Veto Condemned

Hamilton, VA –Delegate Dave LaRock criticized Governor Terry McAuliffe’s decision to veto House Bill 1752, a bill passed by the House and Senate that would require legislative approval before national Common Core curriculum standards could be implemented as part of Virginia’s Standards of Learning. LaRock’s statement came in response to a call from the governor’s office today which conveyed the governors' intentions to veto the bill. 

“I’m surprised and disappointed that Governor McAuliffe would push the people of Virginia out of the decision-making process. The legislature, unlike the Board of Education, is accountable to voters. Virginia’s citizens deserve a voice in this issue, which could potentially affect their school-aged children for years to come.” LaRock stated. 

While 45 states have already adopted Common Core standards, at least 12 states have introduced legislation to prohibit their implementation. Virginia has not adopted Common Core standards. 

Delegate Tag Greason also decried the governor’s veto. “This bill was passed with strong bi-partisan support, gathering 87 votes in the House and 22 in the Senate. Many legislators - regardless of party - have legitimate concerns about the Common Core initiative because it has turned curriculum decisions into political football. The governor has done a disservice to the parents of Virginia by leaving school districts potentially vulnerable to burdensome education mandates from agencies with zero accountability to voters.”

LaRock’s bill was one of several to pass the legislature this year dealing with the state Standards of Learning, at least seven others of which have already been signed by the governor. 

“This action doesn’t reflect a smart education policy that will leave Virginia’s districts free to do what works best for them. Unfortunately, it reflects the will of the governor’s donor base” said Senator Dick Black, also a patron of the legislation. “The Democratic Governors Association (the DGA) is very top-heavy with Common Core advocates, and they’ve contributed more than $6.5million to his campaign. It’s disappointing that donor interests come before those of our students.”

About Dave LaRock

Delegate Dave LaRock represents the 33rd House District, including parts of Loudoun, Clarke and Frederick Counties, and the towns of Leesburg (partial), Purcellville, Berryville, Lovettsville, Round Hill, Hamilton and Hillsboro. LaRock serves on the Transportation Committee, the Science and Technology Committee and the Courts of Justice Committee. Dave and his wife, Joanne, have lived in Loudoun for 28 years, building a successful family-owned general contracting business. The LaRocks reside near Hamilton with Abby and John, the youngest of their seven children.


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