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McAuliffe Turns His Back on Special Needs Kids

Hamilton, VA – Delegate Dave LaRock responded to Governor Terry McAuliffe’s decision to veto House Bill 389, a bill passed by the House and Senate that would provide Education Savings Accounts to students with special needs.

“I’m deeply disappointed that Governor McAuliffe would turn his back to the pleas of parents of students whose education needs are not being met in the public school setting. The Governor needs to listen to the struggles and concerns of ordinary Virginians, instead of yielding to the education establishment that throws roadblocks in front of any effort to provide better education options for Virginia’s students and parents that is not channeled through the public school system,” LaRock stated.

“Special needs students face unique challenges that must be met, but they must have access to the resources they need. They realize education is their gateway to opportunity, but for some the gateway is blocked. While most public schools do their best, others simply will not or cannot meet all the educational needs of these students. Many parents are desperate and begging for relief; they have told me how some public schools are failing to meet the federally mandated requirements of their child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

“Education Savings Accounts are a proven example of problem solving through smart innovation, not endless appropriations. Nearly 1 million children in Arizona, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Nevada are eligible for Education Savings Accounts. This school year 6,000 students are using the accounts. American voters overwhelmingly support school choice programs for good reason.  It’s time to give the people of Virginia what they are asking for; more education freedom through Education Savings Accounts.

“The Governor’s veto exemplifies why so many citizens are fed up with politicians. Instead of embracing a common-sense solution that helps people in need, saves taxpayer money, and improves educational outcomes, the Governor does what his special-interest supporters tell him to do. Virginia deserves better.

 “I’m confident this program will become law eventually, but we need a governor with some compassion and understanding of the need to provide relief for these kids and schools.”

About Dave LaRock
Delegate Dave LaRock represents the 33rd House District, including parts of Loudoun, Clarke and Frederick Counties, and the towns of Leesburg (partial), Purcellville, Berryville, Lovettsville, Round Hill, Hamilton and Hillsboro. LaRock serves on the Transportation Committee, the Science and Technology Committee and the Education Committee. Dave and his wife, Joanne, have lived in Loudoun for 29 years, building a successful family-owned general contracting business. The LaRocks reside near Hamilton with Laura, Abby and John, the youngest of their seven children.


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