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Liberate Virginia

Dear Friends,

One need look no further than Virginia’s flag to be reminded that historically the people of the Great Commonwealth of Virginia do not tolerate tyrants, big or small; tyrants are eventually put in their place. 

Governor Ralph Northam is a tyrant on steroids, leading many aspiring little tyrants who followed him as they trampled and danced a victory dance on our God-given rights

since Democrats took over the legislature.

Ralph Northam, the same man who shamed Virginia in front of the world when his affinity for Ku Klux Klan outfits and mocking black people was discovered in his medical school yearbook picture, lied about that fiasco and has since publicly supported infanticide.

With that as a background, it is no surprise that as he gropes about struggling to regain some legitimacy as a leader, he has willingly and aggressively led the same Democrats who demanded his resignation as they passed unconstitutional measures left and right in the 2020 session of the General Assembly: gun bans, liberal abortion laws, undermining election security, throwing people, non-profits, foster and adoption kids, and religious liberty under the bus driven by radical LGBTQ activists, adding many new taxes, punishing businesses and employees with the most anti-business-pro-union agenda in our history, and massive increases to energy prices with minuscule environmental benefit.

Now, as Virginia is faced with a new challenge in COVID-19, Northam’s disregard for individual liberty is metastasizing. In reacting to Covid-19, Northam, instead of exercising a right-sized government approach to help people by disseminating credible information and recommending common sense precautions, is persisting with a heavy-handed, almost total shutdown of our communities and our once-vibrant economy, all with no evidence that these measures are necessary. Northam and some other governors seem to be drunk on the new power they wield in the name of preserving “public health.”

Governor Northam declared a state of emergency and then signed into law business-crushing laws on the same businesses he was imposing unbearable burdens on with his Executive Ordered closures. He, without a doubt, is pushing the Commonwealth of Virginia into an economic collapse of unknown depth and duration, all under the false pretense that these horrible laws and executive actions are good for people. 

A few months ago, Virginia was recognized as fiscally conservative, “Best State for Business”, new home of Amazon HQ2, and boasted unemployment at 2.6%. Now Democrats have rammed through liberal laws worse than New York and California. We’ve lost 410,000+ jobs in four weeks, and are facing multi-year $billion-plus budget deficits.

Will we allow that to continue?

The only legislative action the Virginia Constitution allows the General Assembly to take tomorrow is on the Governor's amendments to legislation, including the budget. But we can still speak out for liberty.

As protests of patriotic Americans rise up across the country, demanding government back down and allow people to exercise good judgment and reopen, I sincerely hope and pray people will take to the streets in Virginia, peacefully, to let their voices be heard in protest to this unbearable tyranny and in defense of their inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. May we sustain President Trump’s call to “Liberate Virginia”, while maintaining common-sense precautions.



My office is monitoring the situation in Virginia closely and will keep you advised as we learn more. In the meantime, if you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or email my office at 540-751-8364 or You can also follow me on twitter @LaRock4Delegate or like my Facebook page to keep up to date.



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