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Leadership in Action - Former Navy Seal Lieutenant Robert R. Bocek Supporting Dave LaRock


September 29, 2014


Dear friend,


I sincerely hope you’ll join me for dinner at my home on October 8, to honor and support my friend, Delegate Dave LaRock.


Dave has given our district solid leadership at a time when it is sorely needed. In his freshman term (a time when many other legislators opt to fly low and stay off the radar), Dave stood out by not just focusing on safe economic issues, but also fighting to protect the right to life of the unborn and to guard our 2nd Amendment rights. As a fellow conservative, it’s very refreshing to find someone like Dave who is willing to do in Richmond what they said they’d do on the campaign trail.


Dave LaRock is the kind of legislator that Virginia needs to move our economy in the right direction and bring jobs to our district. He earned ‘A’ ratings from both the Northern Virginia Chamber Partnership and Virginia Chamber of Commerce, and his work to lower tolls on the Dulles Toll Road and improve transportation spending overall show that he’s in touch with our local citizens and businesses and the challenges they face.


As a Delegate, Dave’s next election is always just around the corner, and he needs and deserves your support. I fully expect his work will earn him strong opposition from folks like our governor, who are skilled and able fundraisers and are out to turn our district and Virginia blue.


Please join Vicki and me, Delegate Rob Bell, former Lieutenant Robert Bocek, SEAL, and HSLDA President Mike Smith as we enjoy local barbecue, great refreshments and live music in support of Dave LaRock as he works to serve our district.  An invitation is below, and I look forward to seeing you there!



Richard Norman


Please RSVP by contacting Peter LaRock at or 540-336-2702









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