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Last Call- Save Endangered Delegate Dave from Extinction!



Dear Friends,


Once the General Assembly session opens tomorrow, I will be prohibited from fundraising until February 24th. Meanwhile, my opponent will be free to solicit unlimited funds from her out-of-state friends, family, and liberal interest groups.
Please help support me, the endangered Northern Virginia Republican Delegate. 
  • Extremely rare, targeted to near extinction.
  • Hated by radical leftists
  • Demonstrates open-mindedness
  • Rational, common-sense problem solver
  • High-value target of liberal extremists
  • Not cute
  • Not fuzzy
  • But crucial to keep around
Don't wait, or it may be too late. Please click the button below to donate before midnight.
It is a great honor and privilege to serve in this distinguished body that celebrates our 400th anniversary this year! 
Virginia has changed a lot in the last 400 years, and I am sure many of the great leaders who walked the halls of "Mr. Jefferson's Capitol" would be shocked to see some of the laws that are being considered. 
Emboldened by their pick-up of 15 seats in the 2017 election, Democrat delegates have introduced bills to:
  • Allow forced union membership
  • Repeal Virginia's Marriage Amendment
  • Adopt the "ERA", which would have disastrous unintended and intended consequences.
  • Infringe upon our 2nd Amendment rights
  • Raise taxes on hard-working Virginians
  • Prohibit teaching about adoption in public schools 
  • Much, much more...
Meanwhile, I'm focused on cutting taxes, improving transportation, opening education opportunity, eliminating barriers to broadband expansion, and reforming government to better serve you.
For the next 7 weeks, our emails will be focused on legislation, policy debates, and meetings with visitors in our Richmond office- I always appreciate seeing friendly faces from home, so please consider visiting Richmond during this historic session!


God bless you and your family with a great 2019!













Richmond Office (Jan-Feb):
(804) 698-1033
District Office:
P.O. Box 6
Hamilton, Virginia 20159
(540) 751-8364
Social Media:


Phone: 540-751-8364



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Paid for and Authorized by Dave LaRock for Virginia
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