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LaRock Responds to Democrat Nominee Swap


-- Dave LaRock says “The large turnout for the 33rd District Republican Primary, and the solid margin of our victory, show that 33rd District residents definitely favor lowering taxes by reforming Virginia’s spending policies and they understand this will free up resources to better meet our needs.”

Hamilton: Following Tuesday’s Republican Primary Election, the Democrat Party announced that they will be replacing their candidate for the 33rd House of Delegates. It appears that their original nominee, Kathee Myers, realized that being a liberal-leaning candidate was a mismatch for this very conservative district. Democrats are replacing her with Mary Daniel, a collections attorney from Berryville.

Nearly 10% of registered voters turned out for the June 11th Republican Primary in the 33rd District, by far the highest turnout among the eleven House of Delegates Primary Elections around the Commonwealth. This strong turnout in an off-year election, and the convincing margin by which LaRock won, shows that residents of the 33rd District support Dave LaRock’s message of lower taxes, prioritizing spending, protecting constitutional liberty, and his promise to represent the people instead of the special interests.

Dave LaRock issued the following statement in response to the Democrats’ announcement:

"Families and small businesses are adjusting spending priorities in this tough economy; they expect and demand that government do the same. Instead, Virginians watched as Richmond politicians voted a few months ago to increase over a dozen taxes, taking effect on July 1st.

Taxes are too high in Virginia, and we need to do a better job of prioritizing spending so we can lower taxes and spending, and cut excessive regulation to provide a climate for job creation and economic growth. Democrat Mary Daniel will not deliver the results we need.

The people of the 33rd district want their state government to provide high quality essential services like education and transportation in an efficient and responsible manner, and I plan to fight to those ends.”

The solidly-Republican 33rd district stretches from Leesburg to Winchester and includes portions of Loudoun, Clarke and Frederick Counties. The district voted for Mitt Romney by fourteen points.


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