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LaRock Confirmed as Republican Candidate

Hamilton, VA – This Sunday, the 33rd House Legislative District Committee of the Republican Party officially selected Dave LaRock to be the Republican candidate for Delegate for the 33rd District in 2015. 

“It’s a tremendous honor to have the support of the Republicans of the 33rd District,” LaRock said on receiving notification that he had been selected. “I look forward to carrying the Republican message of freedom, low taxes, smarter, more efficient government spending, and common sense solutions to our everyday issues to the whole district this coming year.”

After the Committee opted to use a District Convention to select a nominee, a call for candidates was issued by Chairman Mike Haynes on Saturday, March 7th. After no other candidates filed to challenge LaRock, Haynes announced on March 15th that LaRock would be the Republican Nominee for the 33rd District.  

“I’m glad conservatives in the District are happy with the job my team is doing,” LaRock stated when the news came he would not have a challenger. “We still have a lot of work to do, and this will help us stay focused on things that matter to the citizens of Virginia, like fixing our transportation spending, reforming education, and keeping the Commonwealth on the road to economic recovery.”

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