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LaRock Calls on Governor Northam to Cut Non-Essential Spending and Delay Costly Legislation

For Immediate Release – April 1, 2020

Hamilton, VA – In a letter sent to Governor Northam Tuesday, March 31, 2020, Delegate Dave LaRock asked the Governor to amend the budget and delay enactment of numerous other bills which add costs and regulatory burden to businesses and residents.

The letter made these recommendations:

1. Reduce essential spending across the board and tie all non-essential spending to revenue benchmarks.

2. Delay enactment of ALL measures which add to cost of living or doing business in Virginia, and ALL unfunded mandates to local governments.

Del. LaRock said, “I urge the Governor to act in this manner, to protect the financial stability of Virginia and reduce burdens which threaten the well-being of the people of Virginia. The Commonwealth of Virginia must act quickly to revise the budget to cut spending and provide relief to workers, business owners, and residents.

On March 12th, the closing day of the 2020 Session, the legislature passed a budget based on the expectation of strong growth. Since that time, Virginia and America have been hit by a health crisis which is precipitating an economic crisis. Unemployment claims are increasing at an alarming rate as COVID-19 continues to spread, and as the Governor implements additional restrictions on commerce. The challenges facing the Commonwealth are unprecedented in nature and size and are escalating at an alarming rate. As economic conditions decline further there will obviously be additional layoffs and decreased state income. Virginia’s biennial budget proposes significant spending that is non-essential and that must be curtailed. Quick and decisive action is necessary, specifically a revised budget with deep cuts, and amending costly legislation with a “re-enactment clause”.

Del. LaRock said, “We must provide relief to workers and businesses by delaying enactment of certain legislation, this will best-prepare Virginia financially to weather the economic turbulence ahead. I talk to people including business owners each day and they are genuinely very concerned about what is ahead; they are taking steps to hunker down, our state government needs to do likewise and avoid burdening others in these difficult times.”

Del. LaRock’s letter to Governor Northam was sent electronically on Tuesday, March 31st.

Click here for a list of bills which add to cost of living or doing business in Virginia, and ALL unfunded mandates to local governments

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