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LaRock Appointed to Joint Commission on Transportation Accountability

Richmond, VA – House Speaker Kirk Cox has announced his appointment of Delegate Dave LaRock to serve on the Joint Commission on Transportation Accountability.

Del. Dave LaRock said, “I’m honored to be appointed to this commission. As those in the 33rd District know, I’ve always campaigned and legislated with a focus on reforming transportation, education, and other government agencies and programs to make sure taxpayers are getting the best efficiency and value possible. This additional role will allow me to provide further oversight to ensure that transportation agencies and funds are used to best meet the needs of our Commonwealth. Under Republican leadership, we have made great progress reforming transportation in the Commonwealth, and I look forward to further improvements.”

LaRock has served on the House Transportation Committee since taking office in 2014. His successful transportation-related legislation includes: Co-Patron of HB 2 “SmartScale,” requiring cost-benefit analysis and comparison of projects in 2014; HB 1470, requiring objective analysis and rating of congestion-relief for Northern Virginia transit projects in 2015; HB 168, allowing school bus cameras to be used to prevent illegal passing of buses in 2016; HJ 693, a Constitutional Amendment resolution "lockbox" to guard transportation funding in 2017; and HB 1285, requiring an annual public hearing including all agencies and projects in Northern Virginia in 2018.

Responsibilities of the Joint Commission on Transportation Accountability:

  1. To make performance reviews of operations of state agencies with transportation responsibilities to ascertain that sums appropriated have been or are being expended for the purposes for which they were made, and to evaluate the effectiveness of programs in accomplishing legislative intent;
  2. To study, on a continuing basis, the operations, practices, and duties of state agencies with transportation responsibilities as they relate to efficiency in the use of space, personnel, equipment, and facilities;
  3. To retain such consultants and advisers as the Commission deems necessary to evaluate financial and project management of state agencies with transportation responsibilities;
  4. To make such special studies of and reports on the operations and functions of state agencies with transportation responsibilities as it deems appropriate and as may be requested by the General Assembly;
  5. To review actions of the Commonwealth Transportation Board; and
  6. To make recommendations to the General Assembly on necessary transportation legislation.

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