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It Was a Mind-Numbing 45 Days, but Necessary


Dear Friends,


It Was a Mind-Numbing 45 Days, but Necessary

I’ll explain why it was necessary, but first, I humbly ask for your help.

I’m at a point in life where it would be easy to turn toward a simpler life, but to do that with so much that needs to be done goes completely against my nature. If it is the will of the Good Lord and the people of the 1st Senate District, I will continue serving in the General Assembly as your Senator.


Do You Agree...

...My ROCK-SOLID track record of conservative leadership...

...And ten years navigating the treacherous waters of Virginia’s political system...

...Are the obvious way to achieve the REAL REFORM WE ALL CRAVE?




  1. Contribute if you can and pray if you will. Campaigns cost a lot and the power of prayer is infinite.
  2. Help me gather petition signatures to qualify as your Republican candidate for the First (and best) Senate District.
  3. Commit to a MEET and GREET in your neighborhood where we can get better acquainted and get people motivated to stay engaged. 


Here’s How We Win the Long Game.

As Democrats lurch farther to the left, that spells opportunity for good governance, and we Republicans offer commonsense solutions.

With just a few exceptions, Democrats dig in deeper, supporting horrible policy at the state and federal levels.

They ignore Natural Law, God-given rights, and common sense. I’ll give a few examples from the 2023 session.


Sage’s Law: Protecting Vulnerable Children From Sexual Predators

Sage’s mom, Michelle watched as Republicans supported Sage's Law and ALL Democrats opposed its passage.

Sage’s Law is named after a young girl who was the victim of a school policy here in Virginia that led to her being separated from her parents, sex trafficked twice, and her parents punished for calling her a girl. Sage is a girl.

Democrats are so loyal to the confused, ideological anti-parent activists who preserve this system, the profit-hungry drug companies, and the greedy transgender “therapists” who rope children into life altering decisions, they are blind to the fact that the public is against this madness.

People will vote against the Democrats' bad policy, and when they do, Republicans will continue to advance sensible solutions.


Restoring Trust in Elections

The basis of our civil government is a social contract in which voters, through fair elections, choose leaders they trust to represent them. That trust has been largely betrayed by Democrats who are opposed to reasonable safeguards. In fact, they create opportunity for people who systematically cheat.

The bill I submitted this session is a comprehensive election integrity restoration bill; and I am committed to passing legislation in the future that will block the cheaters by prohibiting permanent absentee registration, prohibit same-day registration, stop underage registration, stop third-party handling and processing of absentee ballots, prohibit ballot drop boxes, require absentee ballots to be received by the general registrar by the close of polls on election day, require a photo ID to vote, require that provisional ballot envelopes have written on them certain required information in order to be considered, and allow for audits that will actually verify results. 


Gun Laws and the Right to Self-Defense.

For ten years I have received the highest support rankings from the Virginia Citizens Defense League and the NRA, and carried some of their most important proposed changes to the law.

I have also begun the call for organizing initiatives to promote families and fatherhood to get to the root of the breakdown that can lead children to harm themselves and others.


The Value of Human life

Once again, this session, Democrats lurched to the left, demanding they be allowed to take the lives of unborn babies throughout all 40 weeks of pregnancy, while ignoring the humanity of these vulnerable human beings. 

As we expose the cold-hearted lies of the policies they promote, hearts and minds will move to our more compassionate side of the debate.


More to Come

I’ll be mailing and emailing a more complete session summary soon, but will spare you most of those details for now.

Financial contributions: please contribute today if you are in a position to help. Senate District 1 is a strong Republican district, so whoever wins the Primary will serve as Senator. There are at least eight candidates running, and I'll need to reach out to thousands of voters over the next 111 days.

As always, please share your ideas with me!


If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or email my office at 540-751-8364 or You can also follow me on Twitter @LaRock4Delegate and my Facebook page to keep up to date. I'm also now on MeWe and Telegram.


Get in touch and stay connected:

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District Office: P.O. Box 29, Berryville, VA 22611 (540) 751-8364

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