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“If you like your religious freedom, you can…


“If you like your religious freedom, you can keep your religious freedom.”


This was a tough week for Americans who respect the rule of law.


Time to retreat and fall into submission?I don’t think so!


I don’t need to tell you the flaws in the opinions handed down last week, but I share your concern over the message the court is sending. It’s saying you – your votes, your voice in your state and federal legislature – are irrelevant.


I half expect to hear president Obama say with a snide grin, “If you like your religious freedom, you can keep your religious freedom.”


Pundits would love to declare the battle over when it comes to Obamacare or marriage, but legislators and voters will not stop fighting to protect the rights of all Americans. You support will help my team do just that.


The LaRock team (I hope that includes you) is still in this fight. My family and I and volunteers are visiting our constituents every day, door to door, three days a week because defeat is not an option.


I have two opponents; one promoted the president who brought you Obamacare and an endless list of unconstitutional policies, and another who is celebrating at least one of the recent Supreme Court mistakes.


We have our work cut out for us. This image is pulled from a McAuliffe fundraising email. He’s right, Virginia is the bullseye, and Loudoun County (65% of the district I serve) overlaps with one of McAuliffe’s top targets – Senator Black.


PS: Please support Team LaRock today! The fundraising deadline is Tuesday at midnight for this period. Remember, early donations are crucial to building momentum. 


Thanks for all your support!









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