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If I Sat Down to Have a Beer With Timmy French….



Dear Friends,

My impression of Timmy French is that he is a hard working farmer and I respect that. If we had a beer together, I would have more questions about agriculture for him than we would have time for. If he was interested I’d tell him a few of my favorite stories about building things. I hope that we have those conversations soon.

It is a little surprising that none of the men who ran for this Senate seat have ever shown interest in what I’ve learned from serving a big part of what is now Senate District 1.

In fact, several of them, including Timmy, were so consumed with the desire to be elected they flat out lied about my record.

I’ve grown a thick skin over the years, but the lie that my 10 years of hard work and sacrifice working for the people who elected me was wasted is hard to take without firing back with the truth.

Some of the other candidates, including Timmy, made it clear they were applying for a job, asking to be trusted making extremely important decisions on matters they had barely ever thought about.

In my opinion, that is shameful. 

When Timmy was asked at a picnic what his ideas are to get things done he replied “I’ve got nothing in my pocket.” Sounds like an honest answer. 

Legislating is work! Getting things done at times seems impossible.

What follows is a small sampling of what I have worked on with whoever was willing to help. Please browse this summary and let me know if you think any of this has helped make life better for you and your family.


Dave LaRock's Record: A Decade of Delivering Conservative Results for Virginia

Dave has served in the Virginia House of Delegates, representing parts of Clarke and Frederick County, since January 2014.

Dave works to fix the problems that plague the Commonwealth by providing honest, fair, and conservative leadership, to protect our rights and fight for high quality services and lower taxes.

Spending wisely and sticking to the conservative principles is the way to improve everyone’s quality of life. Dave has a 10-year track record of legislative leadership working to protect families, children, and other vulnerable people, while standing up for our rights and trying to keep spending in check.Dave knows government should protect our rights and allow us the freedom and opportunity to make our lives better. He understands that when government gets outside its proper boundaries, it needs to be restored to its core functions and run efficiently. Too much of what our state legislature does is off course and out of touch with the needs of common working people and businesses. As government spending has soared, many of our problems, including traffic congestion, have only gotten worse. One of Dave’s top priorities is to prioritize spending so local transportation needs can be funded while keeping taxes low and spending at or below current levels.He is a statesman, not a politician!

Dave has a track record of results and communicating his positions clearly and honestly, and has a solid record of achieving bipartisan results, even while serving with Democrat governors and closely divided legislatures. 25 of his bills have passed the General Assembly, of which seven were vetoed by Democrat Governors, more vetoes than any other Delegate over those years. Many other efforts were incorporated into other members' legislation.

Dave has worked hard on policies which draw good-paying jobs to our community, while working across party lines to enable individuals to break out of government dependency and get the skills, education, and opportunities they need to become productive members of society.

Some examples are: He’s successfully introduced and supported legislation to provide workforce credential grant funds for those in the foster system, establish the Drug Court in the Winchester area, streamline processes to ensure that inmates re-entering the workforce are instantly enrolled in Medicaid, make life-saving Naloxone more widely available and affordable, access and affordability of home daycare facilities, and rescinded the ineffective policy of suspending drivers’ licenses for unpaid court fines and fees, leaving people in a better position to earn money to pay off their fines and fees while providing for their families.

Some Highlights of Dave's Leadership:

1. Transportation: One of the reasons Dave first ran for Delegate was that too much of our tax money was being wasted, and he continues to have serious concerns that far too much of our transportation funding is going to developer-friendly projects instead of fixing the

congestion we face each day. He researched and challenged the McAuliffe and Northam administration’s miss-appropriation of (SMART SCALE) funding, in blatant disregard for requirements imposed by legislation he helped pass in 2014. Del. LaRock is continuing to press for new constraints to block this fiscal mischief in the future. He’s also fought to reduce tolls and successfully fought to widen I-81 between exits 313 and 317, when it was initially left off the I-81 project list. His Constitutional amendment to protect transportation funding passed the legislature once. He passed legislation to bring transparency and accountability to transportation spending, and a bill to enable quicker response to and removal of accidents from roads, the #1 cause of significant delays on I-81. Read more on Dave's transportation leadership here.

2. Rural Broadband Expansion: He’s introduced and supported legislation to make affordable rural broadband available to Virginia, bringing forward numerous pieces of legislation designed to remove barriers and expedite expansion of broadband in rural areas. Some examples: Cutting unnecessary, lengthy, and costly red tape on tower applications; allowing cable/ fiber

companies to have fair access to utility poles; allowing conduit to be run under rural roads; and funding for telecommunications grants. We are already seeing results from these efforts, as all rural areas of SD-1 should have high-speed internet within the next two years. Read more info. here.

3. Improved Services - Without Raising Taxes: Dave strives to improve core government services without raising taxes, by growing our economy, increasing efficiency, stopping fraud and abuse, and just spending smarter. He’s passed legislation to protect property rights from annexation, and save local volunteer fire and rescue

companies thousands of dollars a year in fuel taxes. Some of his other efforts, such as stopping fraud in public benefits, education reform, and more, have been killed by partisan opposition from our governor and legislators. Read more here...

4. Education: Dave has carried numerous bills for education opportunity, excellence, and affordability. He’s supported significant increases in teacher pay, passed a bill to help with school bus safety, and worked to ensure that our kids are getting the education they need to succeed, not sitting bored in

class or being subjected to harmful political indoctrination. Wealthy Virginians have school choice, but Del. LaRock has led efforts to allow poorer families to get the kids the education they deserve when the local public school can’t meet their needs. Read more about Dave's education work here.

5. Development: Dave has always fought to protect our beautiful rural areas from short-sighted development. Here in the Shenandoah Valley, we see threats to our way of life from rapid development and the traffic congestion, and higher taxes and cost of living that brings. In Frederick County, the “Frederick First” candidates have been behind the scenes guiding this development for decades; they must be stopped or developers will take over Frederick first, then Clarke, Shenandoah and Warren Counties next. 

6. With what we see going on in Israel and the Middle East today, it is important to note that Del. LaRock led by proposing legislation protecting Jewish people from antisemitism in 2017 (a similar bill was finally signed this year), and opposing terrorist-sympathizing groups on our college campuses. He also worked closely with leaders in the local Jewish community concerned with Democrat restrictions on their 2nd Amendment Rights, and their community's ability to defend themselves from attacks. We witnessed in Israel this month what happens when only the terrorists have guns. Read more about Del. LaRock's 2nd Amendment leadership here. There are also very close and disturbing linkages between the violence we see in our communities and around the world, and the de-humanization of people, whether based on race/religion or their in-utero status; Dave has been an outspoken leader in fighting for the sanctity of all human life.

Del. LaRock will continue working to improve our quality of life by making government more efficient, NOT by raising taxes; measuring progress with results, not spending. Efficient government leaves more money for things like roads, bridges, mental health services, and compensation for first responders and teachers. He will look out for working folks’ budgets by opposing schemes like those by Dominion Energy that put the risk on their customers, while profits go to investors.

Dave will abide by his oath to the U.S. and Virginia Constitutions – respecting life, liberty, and property, and Judeo-Christian values, and help support strong families by respecting parents’ rights, and reinforcing and supporting parents in their roles as parents. We will see increased quality of life through economic development and improvements to education and healthcare. He will continue to encourage individuals to respect and help each other, and support laws that increase opportunity for the disabled, low income people, and those trapped in addiction, to name a few

Due to redistricting, retirements, and more, the Virginia Senate is losing about 300 years of legislative experience in January. With the many complicated problems facing our communities, we need experienced, wise leaders in the General Assembly, and Del. LaRock’s decade of consistent, successful conservative leadership experience is much needed in the Virginia Senate.

Write-in Dave LaRock, when you vote between now and November 7th - just fill in the oval and write Dave LaRock, that's it!

As you may know, the Democrats across the First Senate District teamed up with Timmy French to deliver the Primary Election to him. He owes Democrats because they put his name on the Ballot with an R next to his name. The R in Timmy's case is for RINO, Republican in Name Only. All over Frederick County are the signs to prove he is not one of us.


Timmy French has zero experience, very vague and uninformed on the issues, and is already beholden to Democrats and moderates who have done all his campaigning for him. Timmy is already taking in big money from anti-gun Democrats and Richmond elites because they want him there to do their bidding.


Being cozy with Democrats makes Timmy dangerous if he goes to Richmond.

Mail piece from CD-6 GOP Chairman John Massoud

Primary Election mailer from CD-6 GOP Chairman John Massoud

This is a huge effort, with voting already underway, and we can only do it with your support. Please contribute to help us get conservatives out to vote for Dave.

Republicans don’t have to play along with the Democrats' plan to put an impersonator in the Virginia Senate.

Write-in conservative Dave LaRock now through November 7th.

Gov. Youngkin’s 68% win in SD 1 two years ago means even with a WRITE-IN challenge, a Republican will be elected on Nov. 7th – the question is only whether it will be Timmy French, who chooses to run with Democrats, or me, a proven conservative Republican leader.


P. S. Democrats think they have outsmarted conservative Republicans once again, but we can write-in Delegate Dave LaRock to prove them wrong!

Thanks again for the honor of serving you. I continue to serve the people of the 33rd House District as your elected representative until January 9th, 2024. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help you.


If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or email my office at 540-751-8364 or You can also follow me on Twitter @DaveLaRockForVA and my Facebook page to keep up to date. I'm also now on MeWe and Telegram.


Get in touch and stay connected:

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