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Guess Which Candidate Favors $17 Tolls on I-66 Inside the Beltway

Chuck Hedges told the Purcellville Gazette he supports the outrageous tolls on I-66 inside the beltway! "I support the Transform 66 proposals of multi-modal improvements (with enhanced bus service and tolls) in both directions inside the Beltway, and enhanced road capacity outside the beltway.  The current inbound traffic problems on I-66 are severe, and adding lanes inside the beltway would cost billions of dollars that are not available while destroying neighborhoods.  Charging tolls inside the beltway during rush hour only (with exemptions for high-occupancy vehicles) is sensible..."

Dear Friends,


Something big is in the works that could hurt us all, and you need to know about it.


A few weeks ago, Governor McAuliffe announced his plan to enact tolls on Interstate 66 inside the Beltway. The toll rates will be outrageous – as high as $17.00 per round trip during peak times. For a normal 5-day work week, that will total up to around $340 per month, or over $4,000 a year to use a short section of I-66. That’s the price of a car payment! Ideas like this McAuliffe Mega-Toll show the Democrat team is completely out of touch with working Virginians.



Tax Pig and me outside the VDOT Meeting on I-66 Inside the Beltway


This isn’t just important for people who use I-66 and their families. Toll rates this high can have a crippling effect on local businesses and could stifle the economy of Northern Virginia. Families who have less disposable income will have to cut back, or maybe even change jobs.


It gets worse. The revenue from this tolling plan isn’t slated to improve I-66 or relieve the massive traffic congestion that Northern Virginia struggles with.


Governor McAuliffe’s proposed tolls are going to “multimodal transportation” projects– that means Metro subsidies and bike paths among other things.


Click on the image to the right to see the kind of effort Arlington County goes to to force people onto "Car diets" and spend taxpayer money to promote biking!


This is outrageous, and we need to act now to stop it.


First, please visit and sign the petition to demand McAuliffe come to his senses and stop this plan immediately.


Next, let your friends know about this – as soon as possible!


Finally, please consider helping me as I work to spread the NO-I-66-Toll message, and return to Richmond to fight for sensible transportation policies. 

There are several ways you can help:

The Republicans in the legislature are already working to oppose McAuliffe’s plan, but I can’t say the same for the Democrats. My opponent is on-the-record supporting the Governor's toll plan!





New tolls could be as high as $17 per day, $85 per week, $340 per month, over $4,000 per year!


Please make your most generous gift today to support Dave’s continued work to stop the new tolls.


Will you give $17, $85 or even $340 for this effort today?






We’re counting on YOU!

Contact my campaign manager, Josiah Alway, to get involved. or 540-751-8182 or








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