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Guess What AG Mark Herring Just Sent Me?


Dear Friends,


It sure wasn't the AG opinion I asked for three months ago (that he's legally required to provide as part of his short job description). He sent me a fundraising email, reminding me that he won't be able to keep pushing his anti-liberty agenda on the people of Virginia without donations!

Needless to say, am I not donating to Herring, and I'm not going to give up trying to get him to do his job!
Thank you for the honor of serving as your delegate. Working together we can bring real progress – please help us keep our constituents well-informed through the 2016 session!
Having your trust and support means everything to me and my team.
We will be very busy working on legislation in Richmond and sharing insights and information with tens of thousands of people. 
We are not allowed to fundraise during session, (January 13th through March 12th). 
Every donation helps as we fight for the cause of freedom!





Good news – 10 delegates and a senator have already signed on to HB 12, which will protect Virginia’s reciprocity with 25 states from AG Herring’s attempt to slash concealed carry rights! Herring’s illogical angle of attack on gun rights – going after concealed carry holders, who have astoundingly low crime rates – shows that he’s not interested in protecting citizens, but in scoring political points and advancing an agenda that will result in the right to carry being eliminated. Let’s stop him cold!
Weeks before the election, our Governor’s office announced its plan to enact massive new tolls on I-66 – up to $17 for a round trip – and to use that revenue in ways that would not help alleviate congestion at all. While the rollout of this plan may have been relatively quiet, in the ensuing days and weeks reactions became a thunderstorm of outrage. Officials who initially favored the plan turned around and opposed it – along with almost every prominent candidate, Republican or Democrat. That’s what happens when people like you are kept in the loop. 
Governor McAuliffe hasn’t abandoned his plan – in fact, he’s doubled down, strong-arming local transportation officials into signing off on it and rejecting attempts to modify his toll fiasco into something less un-palatable. 
I’m working on legislation that should stop this plan for good, and prevent it from happening in the future.
Thank you for the honor of serving as your delegate. Working together we can bring real progress – please help us keep our constituents informed as we keep messaging through session!
Please keep in touch and keep us in your prayers.
Sincerely ,











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