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Growing our Economy vs. Growing Government


Dear friends,


I have exciting news! Yesterday the Virginia Chamber of Commerce announced that I have received a Distinguished Advocate for Virginia Business Award, along with an “A+” rating for my work during the 2015 Virginia Legislative Session. This is a strong statement of recognition that my team and I are dedicated to pursuing business-friendly policies that will help create good job opportunities for our citizens and keep Virginia on the road to economic recovery. 
There’s a huge contrast between the commonsense measures I and my conservative colleagues in the House worked to pass and those pushed by our friends across the aisle. We enacted revenue-saving transportation funding reform, made it possible for businesses like Uber and Lyft to safely operate in Virginia, and passed legislation prohibiting job-killing wage floors among a slew of other business-friendly measures. Democrats in the House, meanwhile, were still fighting to enact costly Medicaid expansion over the objections of the people of Virginia and pushing to raise the minimum wage even though it’s a given that this would cut jobs out from under some of the people that need them the most.  
HELP MAKE THIS FUNDRAISING PERIOD A SUCCESS! While I was hard at work in Richmond, my opponent outraised me last period $7400 to $4300! He’s an enthusiastic supporter of Obama’s “Hope and Change” agenda and is eager to expand Medicaid in Virginia – no word yet on how much he wants to 
raise your taxes to pay for it though! Please consider making a donation to my campaign and help me keep working to find effective, practical answers to the problems we face.  Donations can be mailed to: 
Dave LaRock for Delegate, PO Box 6, Hamilton, VA 20159, or made online at:  
Leesburg Today and Blue Ridge Leader published an Op-Ed I wrote last week about our ongoing effort to bring school choice to the at-risk children in Virginia who desperately need it. If you have a special needs child struggling in public school and you think school choice might help, I’d love to hear from you! 







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