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Giving Unborn Babies the Protection They Deserve


Dear Friends,

I am very pleased that today the Supreme Court took the opportunity to set aside the Roe v. Wade ruling which contributed to the death of over 60 million babies in the United States over the last 49 years. While this affirmation from the court underscores the reality that there is no explicit constitutional right to take the life of a baby, the responsibility to protect life in Virginia is now left to the state legislature and Governor. Going forward, it is unlikely we will see Virginia’s liberal abortion laws changed until the Virginia Senate majority is willing to undo the bad laws which allow some gruesome abortion procedures in Virginia.

Today’s reversal of Roe v. Wade does not change current Virginia abortion law.

Presently, it is legal to dismember in the womb a baby at 5 months gestation, without the use of anesthesia. The 20 Week Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act would block that. These procedures lead to a violent, painful, and unnecessary death and should be banned in Virginia.

Democrat politicians' radical positions have made Virginia's abortion laws among the most permissive of all places in the world. Many may remember the candid exchange between Delegates Todd Gilbert and Kathy Tran, where Tran admitted that she would allow a baby to be killed as the mother was giving birth, just before the baby exited the birth canal. Then Governor Ralph Northam went even further, callously describing infanticide.

Del. Kathy Tran is questioned by Del. Todd Gilbert
Gov. Northam defends infanticide

I have served for 9 years so far and never let a session go by without introducing a bill or bills to protect the unborn. Many received broad support among Republicans.

Caring for the needs of women in difficult circumstances must remain a priority in Virginia.

Pro-life organizations and churches have worked for decades to provide medical services and other needs of women in difficult circumstances. Pregnancy centers are life-affirming, non-profit organizations that support, educate, and equip individuals facing unexpected pregnancy. Virginia pregnancy centers provide free medical, counseling, and support services for women and their partners. These services strengthen families and ensure women have the resources they need for a healthy and hope-filled future. There are 40 Virginia Pregnancy Center Association locations throughout the Commonwealth supporting women and families in need every day (read more here).

Today, June 24th, 2022 marks an end of Supreme Court-imposed abortion law; that is a giant step forward. Hopefully, today also marks the beginning of a time in Virginia where the rights of the unborn are given the protection they deserve. For more information on my efforts, visit my Life webpage here.



Join local Pro-Life advocates, including our Lieutenant Governor, for a rally in downtown Winchester tomorrow, Saturday, at 1pm!


Thanks again for the honor of serving you. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help you!


If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or email my office at 540-751-8364 or You can also follow my campaign on Twitter @LaRock4Delegate and my Facebook page to keep up to date. I'm also now on MeWe and Telegram.


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