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Gender Neutral School Bathrooms: So Let it Be Written, So Let it Be Done?


Dear friends,


As you have likely heard, earlier today President Obama's administration sent a letter to every public school division, as well as all public (and some private) colleges in America, decreeing that they must consider any transgender student as if they are the "gender" they feel like, rather than the physical sex that they are.


Any school that fails to comply with this ruling will face lawsuit, removal of federal funding, etc. And it's not just school policies that are impacted: staff, students, and anyone at a school facility will be required to use the gender pronouns for each student that correspond to his or her subjective feelings or face possible suspension, legal action, etc..


Earlier this week, Virginia Attorney General Herring avoided my lawsuit against him by finally delivering an Official Advisory Opinion that made it clear that the Virginia code and case law dealing with sex discrimination does not include "gender identity" or "sexual orientation". He even admitted that federal law doesn't require this. 


They think they can force schools to implement their radical social agenda through letters and "findings" from the Obama administration, and citing a few somewhat-related court cases that are not binding precedent in Virginia.


We are (or at least our Constitution says we are) a nation of laws, not of an omnipotent king. The legislature is supposed to write the law; the executive is to enforce it as written. 




The law that Obama is claiming to use for his edict says schools "may provide separate toilet, locker room, and shower facilities on the basis of sex,” (34 CFR 106.33). Virginia's constitution says "mere separation of the sexes shall not be considered discrimination." (Article I, § 11)


Earlier this year, I introduced legislation that would have clarified Virginia law on this issue. Unfortunately it did not pass, but will be considered this summer by the Virginia Code Commission.


Meanwhile, if Obama has his way, your little daughter or granddaughter will possibly have a student or staff member with male biology and anatomy showering with them unless your local school district says they will not comply with this ruling. 


Contact your local school board members by phone and email today. Their contact info is below.















District Office:
P.O. Box 6
Hamilton, Virginia 20159
(540) 751-8364
Social Media:
Facebook: DelegateDaveLaRock
Twitter: LaRock4Delegate

Phone: 540-751-8364



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Clarke County:

Mrs. Chuyen Kochinsky 
Chair - Berryville Voting District
309 W Main St. 
Berryville, VA 22611
Mr. Charles 'Chip' Schutte 
Vice-Chair- White Post Voting District
309 W Main St. 
Berryville, VA 22611

Dennis Graham
Millwood Voting District
309 W Main St. 
Berryville, VA 22611
Mrs. Monica Singh-Smith
Buckmarsh Voting District    
309 W Main St.
Berryville, VA 22611
Mr. Tom Parker
Russell Voting District
309 W Main St. 
Berryville, VA 22611

Frederick County:

Dr. John J. Lamanna
Chairman - Member at Large
215 Union View Lane
Winchester, VA 22603
540-888-9530 - Work

Mr. Michael A. Lake
Vice Chairman- Gainesboro District
861 Valley View Drive
Winchester, Virginia  22603  

Mrs. Kali C. Klubertanz
Back Creek District
4 Weems Lane, #130
Winchester, VA 22601

Mr. Seth T. Thatcher
Opequon District
P.O. Box 391
Stephens City, VA 22655
540-869-2787 home
703-999-4057 cell

Mrs. Peggy Clark
Redbud District
114 Evette Place
Winchester, Virginia  22602

Mr. Jay W. Foreman
Shawnee District
146 Darby Dr. 
Winchester, VA  22602
(540) 327-6501
Mr. Frank E. Wright
Stonewall District
116 Fiesta Dr.
Stephenson, VA 22656

Loudoun County

To e-mail all members of the School Board, please use

Eric Hornberger
Chairman - Ashburn District
21000 Education Court
Ashburn, Va 20148

Brenda Sheridan
Vice Chairman - Sterling District
21000 Education Court
Ashburn, Va 20148

Debbie Rose
Algonkian District
21000 Education Court
Ashburn, Va 20148

Beth Huck
At Large Member
21000 Education Court
Ashburn, Va 20148

Jill Turgeon
Blue Ridge District
21000 Education Court
Ashburn, Va 20148

Joy Maloney 
Broad Run District 
21000 Education Court
Ashburn, Va 20148

Eric DeKenipp
Catoctin District
21000 Education Court
Ashburn, Va 20148

Jeff Morse
Dulles District
21000 Education Court
Ashburn, Va 20148

Tom Marshall
Leesburg District
21000 Education Court
Ashburn, Va 20148

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