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Gender Identity Laws Are Bad News for Business,​ ​Education and Freedom


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As the President and our governor become more brazen in their overreach, patriotic Americans have only one choice: double down and commit to winning the fight. One thing is certain - we all need to be well-informed to engage effectively.
Thanks for the generous support as we steam ahead toward our pre-session fundraising deadline! Please donate and help us reach our goal of $18,250 before the fundraising cutoff date on 1/12/2016.
Here is an example of how your involvement is going to be critical this session. Well underway are efforts by liberals to mandate special protections on the basis of gender confusion and sexual disorientation. This push to transform Virginia’s government, education, and business landscape will NOT be limited to the public sector, and will be very harmful. 
Lawsuits are already being tried to make “gender identity” the same as "sex" under existing laws that prohibit discrimination. These classes (behaviors) were never intended to fall under the protection of laws that have been in effect for decades. But a bill has already been filed for the upcoming 2016 session by Senator Ebbin (SB 12) to prohibit discrimination on the basis of "sexual orientation" and “gender identity” (SOGI).  Even though this bill is worded as if it will only apply to Virginia departments (itself a huge mistake), existing Virginia case law is clear that workplace discrimination against any legislatively “protected class” can be found illegal. That puts this bill squarely at odds with workplace freedom and religious liberty.
Ebbin’s bill is nothing less than an attempt to force all Virginians to accept the notion that sex is an imaginary distinction while ignoring biological reality.
You and I know otherwise – and if you would like to preserve your right to express that knowledge, I’ll keep you posted. Your phone calls, emails, and support will be crucial in stopping this and other measures like it. 
UPDATE: In addition to sponsoring legislation to protect your right to carry a handgun, I’m sponsoring a bill that will remove an outdated requirement in Virginia law that often requires legal gun buyers (including military servicemen and women) to present TWO forms of ID when purchasing a gun. At a time when military members are being specifically targeted by terrorists, it’s unconscionable that it should be MORE difficult for them to get a weapon and defend themselves than it is for other citizens. I have high hopes for this bill!
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