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For Whom the Dems Toll and List of Endorsed Candidates


Dear Friends,


Is there anyone reading this who is not at least a little fed up with how government can be completely out of touch with the needs of working families? Democrats proposing $17/day, $4000/year tolls on I-66 is about as out of touch as it gets; it is clueless!
My Democrat opponent is one of very few people who favor hammering workers with sky-high new tolls.
I’ve talked with 1000’s of people as I go door to door and people want good government that respects the rights and needs of the individual.  
Your vote counts
Elections in Virginia have been won and lost by razor thin margins and outside liberal groups are pouring millions of dollars into local races in a last-ditch effort to swing the state blue. 
Help us stand up for our conservative values. Tomorrow - Election Day - is your chance to do your part.
For your convenience
I’ve listed below and on my website the team of Republican candidates who are on the ballot in the 33rd District. 
It’s up to you now
I strongly encourage you to help secure good government by voting tomorrow for these  ROCK – SOLID candidates:



PS: Keep in mind elections in Virginia have been won and lost by razor thin margins!




Loudoun County


State Senate District 13

Dick Black

State Senate District 33

Stephen Hollingshead


Mike Chapman

Commonwealth Attorney

Jim Plowman


Roger Zurn

Clerk of the Court

Gary Clemens

Commissioner of the Revenue

Bob Wertz

Soil & Water Conservation District Directors

Marina R. Schumacher

L. Ali Shahriari

James K. Wylie

Board of Supervisors

Charlie King - At-Large

Tony Buffington - Blue Ridge

Geary Higgins - Catoctin

Will Estrada - Leesburg

School Board

Beth Huck - At-Large

Jill Turgeon - Blue Ridge

Eric DeKenipp - Catoctin

Bill Fox - Leesburg


Loudoun County GOP Candidates



Frederick County


State Senate District 27

Jill Vogel


Terry Bohan

Commissioner of the Revenue

Ellen Murphy


William Orndoff, Jr.        

Commonwealth Attorney

Ross Spicer

Chairman - Board of Supervisors

Charles DeHaven, Jr.

Board of Supervisors

Blaine Dunn – Red Bud



Clarke County


State Senate District 27

Jill Vogel

Commissioner of the Revenue

Donna Peake

Board of Supervisors

Thomas W. McFillen – Berryville

David S. Weiss – Buckmarsh

Terri Trimble Catlett – Millwood

School Board

Chuyen B. Kochinsky – Berryville

Tom Parker (write in) - Russell



Frederick and Clarke Co. GOP Candidates








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P.O. Box 6
Hamilton, Virginia 20159
(540) 751-8364
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Twitter: LaRock4Delegate





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