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Delegate LaRock’s Education Savings Accounts Bill Passes Virginia Senate

Today, the Virginia State Senate voted 21-19 to pass House Bill 1605, which will establish Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts for children with special needs and those in low-income families. After numerous hearings in the House and Senate, legislators asking for help for children who are sometimes ill-served in a public school setting, won the day. The Governor will decide if this will become law in Virginia.

Dave LaRock, the patron of House Bill 1605 commented, “Education Savings Accounts offer educational opportunity to children with special needs and those in low-income families, regardless of their circumstances in life. Many children face challenges which can be best addressed by giving parents more flexibility and additional education options. We owe it to them to provide access to academic resources best suited for their particular needs. We are working to lower the barriers so these kids can reach their full potential.” LaRock said.

LaRock added, “Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts are a proven example of problem-solving through smart innovation, not endless appropriations. American voters overwhelmingly support school choice programs for good reason. It’s time to give the people of Virginia what they are asking for, more education freedom through Education Savings Accounts.” He added, “Most important of all, through these accounts, countless parents and children within Virginia will be given the help they desperately need.”

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