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Del. Dave LaRock Secures GOP Nomination

Hamilton, VA – Last night, the 33rd House of Delegates Republican Legislative District Committee announced that Delegate Dave LaRock is officially the Republican nominee, as no other candidates filed to run in the June 5th  Convention, which will now be cancelled. LaRock, a Loudoun father, grandfather and small businesses owner, has represented the district since January 2014.

Del. LaRock said, “It’s a tremendous honor to have the support of the Republicans of the 33rd District. I look forward to continuing to advocate for individual liberty, efficient government, and common-sense solutions to our everyday issues. I promise the people of the district to continue listening, working, and engaging on issues affecting everyone in the district and the Commonwealth. Serving the last 8 years under Democrat governors, I’ve worked hard to bring forward bipartisan solutions, while providing the best possible constituent services to the residents of the 33rd House District.”

During the last two years, a House Democrat majority passed laws that will have long-term negative effects, making our great Commonwealth more like California and New York, where people are fleeing, and that’s now happening here. All 100 seats in the House of Delegates are up for election November 2, 2021, as are the statewide offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General. While Democrats currently hold a 55-45 majority in the House, and all 3 statewide offices, Republicans are preparing to retake the Commonwealth.

LaRock says, “My thanks go to the Loudoun Board of Supervisors, especially supervisors Randall and Briskman, the Leesburg Town Council, Reverend Michelle Thomas, and Delegate Wendy Gooditis for making it clear to me that retiring was not an option to be considered. They enthusiastically abused their power, influence and public resources to attack me with a Cancel Culture mindset, for bringing to light very real and verifiable election irregularities advocating full vetting of the 2020 election results. To my Democrat opponent, I say good luck as you endeavor to join the ranks of the Democrat party that tramples our most sacred rights: free speech, religious expression, self-defense, and who seek to crush businesses’ economic opportunity, and who just plain ignore commonsense policy making.”

Democrats subordinate our children’s educational needs to the will of union donors, and my race will be a referendum on those issues. If the public follows the Democrats’ lead, we will see young female athletes deprived of the opportunity to compete fairly and to personal privacy. My race will test how voters see the Democrats’ anti-public-safety, extreme anti-gun-rights agenda. Will voters embrace extreme environmental policies the Democrats are pushing after watching Texans die for lack of electricity? I hope voters will be shocked into engaging as they realize a law passed by Del. Gooditis will grant state bureaucrats access to their home due to their choice of a care provider or babysitter.

“I was raised to fix things, not just complain about them, and to never quit. I come from a family where I learned to work hard, pay bills, and help others by sharing and volunteering, especially when the going gets tough. All my adult working life, I’ve run a family business where I’ve learned from and owned up to mistakes; I’ve learned there are rewards for success, and that failures are learning opportunities. Those lessons were invaluable. I’m optimistic because Democrats have thrown every nasty, deceitful thing at me that they can dream up, but I’m hearing resounding encouragement from pretty much everyone, except the Democrats who have always hated what patriotic Americans stand for. I’ll tell you what I’m hearing from others, even strangers, in church, at the grocery store, whenever I’m out and about, it’s like there is a coordinated message, what I’m hearing is this: ‘Dave, stand strong, we need you, we have your back’. I’m offering to be the voice of sound government; unwavering, unyielding, unapologetic,” LaRock added.

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