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BIG NEWS - Sen. Chap Petersen Files Lawsuits Against Northam COVID Overreach!

At the Supreme Court of Virginia with Linda Park, Jon Tigges, and Sen. Chap Petersen (D- Fairfax)

This COVID-induced tyranny has gone way too far. How much longer will we sit idle when businesses’, individuals’, and churches’ rights are trampled, and while protesters and rioters are given a pass?

Lawsuits were filed today asking a Federal court and the Virginia Supreme Court for relief.… the lawyer representing my constituent in this case is not only one of the best in this area of law, but is a sitting Democratic Senator from Fairfax County, Chap Petersen!” 

Del. Dave LaRock


Dear Friend,

To successfully clip the wings of Ralph Northam, the aspiring little tyrant/dictator, this effort must be owned by “We the People”.

Tyranny is a strong word to direct at a high-level elected official, so please read this and consider answering two questions. I’d like to know what you think.

Question 1: Is Governor Ralph Northam behaving as a tyrant, a dictator, or a tyrannical dictator?

Question 2: If yes, are you willing to join me in supporting a very serious legal challenge to his actions?

This legal challenge will succeed or fail depending on your decision to invest in this case - click here to CONTRIBUTE!!

When Governor Northam started writing Executive Orders in March, he claimed executive authority, mostly from the Virginia Department of Health. In the case of a new disease, the Health Commissioner may take certain actions on behalf of the Board of Health to slow the spread of a contagious virus. Now, nearly three months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of Health has yet to take any action to ratify any of Health Commissioner Dr. Mohammed "Norm" Oliver’s orders.

The Executive Orders Northam has issued go far beyond what the law allows. Governor Northam continues to act without involving the legislature (as our laws intend), instead behaving as a co-dictator with Virginia Health Commissioner, Dr. Oliver.

These two men were never intended to have so much power that they could single- handedly impose devastating shutdowns on Virginia’s economy, put 700,000 people out of work, destroy businesses and livelihoods, prohibit religious assembly, close schools, and so much more; all based on doomsday models used to justify draconian measures.

Last week, about one third of Republican members of the House of Delegates, including the leadership team, informed the Virginia Health Department that this abuse of power is being challenged. You can read that letter here for more details of the challenge. 

Using the arguments outlined in the letter sent to the Virginia Board of Health, Chap Peterson filed lawsuits today in both the Virginia Supreme Court and Federal court. These suits will ask the court to nullify Northam’s illegitimate Executive Orders. That would return the freedom to act responsibly back to people across the Commonwealth.

PS: If we allow this overreach to continue unchallenged, expect it to just get worse. During last week’s Board of Health meeting, Dr. Oliver mentioned that Virginia had just signed a contract with a big tech company to use a cellphone-based tracking app. Don’t be naïve. Left unchecked, expect mandatory vaccinations and travel papers if we don’t push back now.

PPS: It may cost over $100,000 to move this case through these two courts to success. Right now, two business owners, already drained by the effects of the Executive overreach, are responsible for funding this lawsuit. When successful, this challenge will benefit all Virginians. If you agree that Governor Northam should not be allowed unilateral power to decide our fate, join in the fight to restore our civil rights of worship, assembly, and commerce. Click here to INVEST in this lawsuit. (all monies will go to support this or other challenges to the Northam Executive Orders.)



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