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Better Learn to Like Cold Showers!


Dear Friends,


There were many outstanding accomplishments that came out of the 2019 General Assembly session, things which will improve our communities for everyone. I’ll be sharing many of the details in weeks ahead.


As you already know, during the 2019 session, the veil was pulled back to expose the extremely destructive direction a few would take our Commonwealth. My last email focused on an apparent disregard for pre-birth and post-birth babies. More to come on that.


Almost as harmful are another set of policies which harm everyone, especially low-income families. Some would have us believe, that without sweeping, costly changes to how we live our everyday lives, we will not survive. These are the schemes of climate alarmists.


I need your help to protect families and businesses in Virginia.


While fear may be a strong motivator, truth is the enemy of the climate alarmist scheme. Several Democrat Delegates promoted a Virginia version of the Green New Deal. Republicans defeated it.


My friend, Del. Charles Poindexter, passed two bills which I co-patroned to block Gov. Northam from wasting taxpayer dollars by dragging Virginia into horrible agreements with liberal Northeastern states. Gov. Northam vetoed those bills.


Why do I ask, “Wanna learn to like cold showers? How about doing laundry in a wash tub, giving up air conditioning and air travel?”



The Virginia “Green New Deal” bill that Democrats are pushing hard for in Virginia, would be a giant step toward outlawing coal, gas, diesel fuel, natural gas, and nuclear energy.


This would be one of the most anti-family and anti-business energy-related proposals to come forward since mankind learned to use fire for cooking and heating.


Virginia’s non-partisan State Corporation Commission (SCC) estimated the state’s participation in the RGGI could cost Dominion Energy Virginia (DEV) ratepayers between $3.3 billion and $5.9 billion over the first decade, increasing the average electricity bill by $7 to $12 per month. Virginia’s participation in the RGGI would force residents to pay more for their electricity.


Remember, our Republican majority in the House was preserved by drawing a name out of a bowl. I call that providence.


Please don’t let my liberal, anti-family, anti-business opponent be elected to support this plan in Richmond!



You can read my comments on two good bills vetoed by Gov. Northam, in the Winchester Star


LaRock was a co-patron of both bills. He said in a Monday email that entering into carbon-cutting agreements are “essentially regressive taxes” that can be “especially harmful to low-income people” as costs are “shifted to the consumers.”


LaRock said in his email that the “Fourth National Climate Assessment” is “a politically motivated document full of junk science” that was “produced to support former President Obama’s climate change agenda.”


“When the best scientific minds attempted to forecast the stock market, the results ... were no more accurate than a chimpanzee throwing darts at a wall plastered with stock picks,” LaRock said. “Virginia can and should focus on limiting use of flood-prone areas to avoid unnecessary loses, rather than trying to change the weather.”



Meanwhile, I continue working for you. Feedback from 33rd District constituents, like the ones below, makes working tirelessly as your Delegate worthwhile:


Dave, thanks. They [VDOT] are down there this morning installing new better pipe and reconfiguring drainage. - Constituent on a gravel road in Loudoun County. 


Delegate LaRock, the median got mowed today.  I don’t think it would have happened without your involvement.  Again, thank you for your assistance in getting this hazardous situation taken care of. Clarke County Constituent.



Dear Delegate LaRock, Thank you for taking time on your Sunday afternoon to attend my Eagle Court of Honor. I am honored to have a Virginia State Flag, of my home state. Thank you for your service and all you do for our district. Sincerely, Ethan



Dave, Thanks so much for assisting me with this. I might have never gotten a response from the Department of Taxation without your intervention. - Constituent from Hamilton


Please help me run a strong campaign.  





I encourage you to keep in touch with me and my office over the coming months. I value the feedback you provide on a continual basis as it helps me do a better job of representing you. We are here to serve you! You can reach us at, 540-751-8364, Facebook, and Twitter









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