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Bazookas anyone?

Hello [fname],

Election Day is approaching, and I want to thank the many people who have been so generous to share hard-earned dollars with my campaign. We use that money frugally. 

As I go to homes around the 33rd District, lots of people are not yet thinking much about the election. With the financial support you send, we purchase the resources we need to draw voters in.

Many other people are very aware that the outcome of this election will determine whether we lunge in the direction other liberal states have drifted, by embracing costly and destructive policies.

...Or we will stay true to the values which make Virginia safe, free and prosperous.

FYI, I'm hearing from friends that nuisance calls are my opponent's new tool. She is conducting phone surveys asking people to waste 30 minutes of their valuable time to test which of her lies, yes lies, provoke the person being surveyed to react as they would like them to react.

An over-the-top example of a question they've been asking is this: 

"Would you be less likely to support Dave if you heard he wants people to own bazookas?" No kidding, they are that desperate. They then take the most potent lies to the messaging consultant to build their hardcore deceptive messaging campaign around the lies that poll the best, or worst. 

RIDICULOUS is a fitting word for the misinformation already being spread by my opponent these final weeks before the election. But keep this in mind, some people let their guard down and fall prey to my opponent's strategy, a strategy that could be summed up with this quote: 

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.  Paul Joseph Goebbels, German Nazi politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda

We are out reminding folks in Loudoun, Clarke, and Frederick Counties just how hard we work for you. I'll cut and paste below a few of the testimonials which support that claim.

By the way, the demand for yard signs is way beyond what I've ever seen; a great sign (pun intended) of what's ahead on November 5th! I'm about to restock; the cost is roughly $3000. 

Please help if you can; sooner is better as it helps us plan our winning strategy to combat the deception. 

Thanks again, and know that I sincerely appreciate you, your prayers, and your generosity.

In Service,

Dear Delegate LaRock, Thank you for following up on this for me. I really do appreciate you taking time to look into this issue. Best wishes for re-election! You can count on my family's support. Frederick County Constituent


Delegate LaRock… Thank you for the incredible courage and leadership you’ve shown on [Abolishing automatic revocation of Driver’s Licenses for unpaid fines and fees]! We are thrilled at the impact you’ve made, and for the small part we’ve been able to play supporting you. Blessings, Kate, Director, State Policy, Prison Fellowship


Thank you Del. LaRock from the Medical Society of Virginia on behalf of 11,000 members.  “….thank you for your hard work on developing solutions to combat the opioid crisis in Virginia. Your support for both physicians and patients demonstrates leadership in creating the most cost-effective measured approaches to tackling this crisis…” Ralston King, Medical Society of Virginia  


He was with us every step of the way on this [Purcellville DMV Select office re-opening]... he bothered the devil out of me... "Rick, when are you going to get something done up in Purcellville area?"... I would tell him steps we're taking and there was probably no one happier, well, next to me,... than the delegate when we said we're ready to go back into Virginia Regional Transit, and I appreciate all his help on that. He's served in the General Assembly since 2014, and I will tell you, although he's only been in there a short time, he's already made his mark. He's a very strong voice on the House Transportation Committee, he's sort of one of our go-to folks, and I appreciate all of his support that he provides for the DMV.... DMV Commissioner Rick Holcomb


Get in touch and stay connected:


District Office: P.O. Box 6, Hamilton, Virginia 20159 (540) 751-8364

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