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Attorney General Herring, Do Your Job!


Dear Friend,


We have good reason to be fed up with Attorney General Mark Herring. So the next question is:


“Will you help me put him in his place?”


The team of lawyers I’ve hired have filed a suit in the Richmond Circuit Court to force Attorney General Herring to start doing his job. AG Herring has a $50 million dollar budget and many well-paid lawyers and legal experts.




Please chip in and help send a message: AG HERRING - “DO YOUR JOB”


As a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, the law requires the Attorney General provide an official Advisory Opinion when I request one.


For seven months AG Herring has ignored my request for legal advice on a very important but simple question because he is too busy working against the people of Virginia!


During these past months, while I’m waiting for an Advisory Opinion, AG Herring, Virginia’s lawyer—your lawyer—is:

  1. Arguing (while on the Virginia taxpayers dime) in favor of mandatory union dues and against the First Amendment.
  2. He and his staff are writing briefs supporting the Obama’s EPA global warming plan.
  3. And perhaps his biggest political stunt - unilaterally revoking concealed carry permit reciprocity in Virginia.

It is a sad day when the Attorney General conducts his office in a way that hurts the people of Virginia.


I need your support today to make sure we’re able to follow through with this lawsuit and win against AG Mark Herring.


These lawyers are good but not cheap.


With your help I’ll take the fight to him.

Sincerely ,









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