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Arbitrary, Capricious and Unlawful


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Arbitrary, capricious and unlawful.
First, that sums up the attempts by the Environmental Protection Agency – an unelected federal bureaucracy – to clamp down on energy production here in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 
As I’ve noted before, the EPA recently released a set of rules that, if allowed to go into effect, will take a staggering toll on Virginians in the form of higher energy costs, lost jobs, and squelched economic growth. 
The emissions limits assigned by the EPA’s rules aren’t uniform state by state. Instead, the limits assigned to Virginia are almost twice as tough as those of West Virginia and 50 percent more than those of Maryland.  
The EPA’s limits aren’t free of an agenda and are not designed to be satisfied with a uniform reduction of emissions. Their goal is designed to target coal energy production, even though many states who use coal energy have successfully reduced their overall emissions. 
The EPA’s rules amount to A MASSIVE LEGISLATIVE, REGULATORY AND FINANCIAL BURDEN on our citizens and businesses – all without a vote of the U.S. Congress or our Virginia Legislature to put these rules into effect. These laws have been created by a bureaucracy in clear contradiction to our U.S. Constitution and contrary to the legal rights reserved to the Commonwealth. 
That phrase – arbitrary, capricious, and unlawful – also sums up our President’s recent decision to use his “pen and phone” to upend the legal process and grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants in the United States currently awaiting deportation. 
Before I go further, it’s important to state that I believe many immigrants – even illegal immigrants – are here with the best intentions. They want to work – and they do work. They want to provide for their families, and enjoy the freedoms  secured by our laws. 
But rule of law requires that laws be enforced consistently. By directing law enforcement to refuse to enforce the law in circumstances of his random choice, our President is flouting the law. 
The President’s action simply doesn’t make sense. His decision takes a group of people who are breaking the law and extends effective amnesty to…some of them, depending on metrics assigned by his team of bureaucrats. Instead of our laws deciding who will go or stay, it’s up to whichever consultant is currently drafting his executive orders. 
The President’s actions have been taken with the full knowledge that they’re wrong. He acknowledged that his decision came after Congress didn’t give him what he wanted - Congress had the right to make that call, because that’s how our Constitution works. And instead of making his decision in the open, he waited until after the November elections so his companions seeking election could postpone the outrage of their constituents. 
After all that, I have two pieces of good news
First, there are two lawsuits currently being pursued to correct these federal mistakes. States are joining forces to sue to block both the EPA’s efforts to hamstring our electricity production and the President’s attempts to write his own laws. I believe it may well be in the best interest of Virginians to join in these lawsuits, and I will keep you informed if we are successful in doing so. 
NEXT – school choice appears to be moving closer and closer to becoming reality! Texas Senator Ted Cruz said in a recent interview that,
"in my view, the most compelling civil rights issue of the 21st Century is the need to expand school choice and educational options so that every child, regardless of race…has a fair opportunity to receive an excellent education."
I’m glad to see Senator Cruz’s statement because it means that he understands school choice is a top-shelf action item. As more and more studies show parents are in favor of choices for their kids, I expect leaders on both sides of the aisle will quickly reach the same conclusion.








Another Busy Week!

  • Sunday, I attended the Loudoun Education Foundation's Excellence in Education awards banquets. The banquets officially recognize the top high school seniors in Loudoun County Public Schools, who ranked in the top five percent of their class academically during the first three years of their high school career or have been named National Merit Scholarship, National Achievement Scholarship or National Hispanic Scholarship semifinalists. 
78 seniors from the four high schools serving the Loudoun portion of my constituents received this prestigious honor. Congratulations to these students and their parents and teachers for this great accomplishment!
Loudoun Valley H.S.
Loudoun County H.S.
Tuscarora H.S.
Woodgrove H.S.
  • Monday, I met with the Clarke County Board of Supervisor to discuss legislative priorities for the 2015 session
  • Tuesday was a busy day: 
    • I attended the NOVEC Annual Legislative Breakfast for an update on NOVEC and issues of concern that may come up during the 2015 Session of the General Assembly
    • In the evening, I was part of a panel discussion with other members of the General Assembly representing Loudoun
  • Wednesday, I attended Virginia Farm Bureau's Legislative Briefing, discussing critical legislative issues for the 2015 General Assembly session
  • Thursday, I attended the Clarke County GOP Christmas Party




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18370 Bluemont Village Ln, Bluemont, VA 20135
Horseshoe Curve Benevolent Association Fundraiser for 40 Senior Citizens
4 to 10 p.m.
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