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AG Herring Issues Advisory Opinion to Avoid LaRock Lawsuit


Dear friends,


I wanted you to be among the first to know that today Attorney General Herring finally responded to my request for an official advisory opinion, one day before his deadline to respond to my lawsuit.


Without your support, I wouldn't be in a position to request this opinion, and I suspect that our Attorney General would continue to avoid this question, allowing federal bureaucrats and courts to rewrite Virginia's laws.


Herring's fellow activist AG, Loretta Lynch, said today that states can't 'insist' a man is a man and a woman is a woman, if person feels otherwise.


I will continue working to provide legal clarity and ensure that all Virginians are protected from dangerous federal overreach into state law. 


Please consider supporting me financially as I pay off the legal bills and continue to fight for common sense against federal-government-imposed insanity. You can send a contribution to "Dave LaRock for Delegate" at PO Box 6, Hamilton, Virginia 20159 or just click on the link below.








For Immediate Release – May 10, 2016

Contact: Daniel Davies (540) 751-8364 or


AG Herring Issues Advisory Opinion to Avoid LaRock Lawsuit


Hamilton, VA – Today, after waiting 33 weeks, Delegate Dave LaRock finally received an Official Advisory Opinion from Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, responding to LaRock’s request made last September 21st. By tomorrow, May 11th, Herring was required to file an answer under oath responding to Del. Dave LaRock’s lawsuit seeking this opinion. His issuance of this opinion makes it clear he understood he could no longer get away with behaving as though he is above the law. 


Delegate LaRock responded, “The nineteen page Advisory Opinion provided to me today by the Attorney General and his staff cites no Virginia law specifically stating that the meaning of the word ‘sex’ as used in Virginia laws pertaining to nondiscrimination encompasses sexual orientation and gender identity.”


“Our Attorney General is way out of line facilitating policy changes by using vague and ambiguous terms which are not defined in Virginia law. I watched as Fairfax County School Board acted on a recent Advisory Opinion from AG Herring to change school policies which affect the privacy and safety of school children. That opinion contained numerous references to the terms sexual orientation and gender identity, yet both that and today’s advisory opinion cite no definition for those terms in Virginia law,” Del. LaRock said.


“I will continue to review the Attorney General’s lengthy opinion, and take it into consideration as I and other members of the General Assembly work to clarify Virginia’s laws in a manner that provides necessary protections for all Virginians. I appreciate all the work that my attorneys and others put into this effort. It is ridiculous that the level of service granted to me by the Attorney General was so poor it required me to expend significant time and expense in order to get the Attorney General to do the job that the taxpayers of Virginia pay him to do.”









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