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A Few Really Good Reasons... Will Benefit You



Dear Friends,


We've nailed down the locations and times for my upcoming 2019 Campaign Kick-off events in Frederick, Clarke, and Loudoun Counties. 


A few good reasons why investing in my reelection campaign will benefit you:


Transportation- The goal is to keep roads safe and uncongested by making the best use of your taxpayer dollars, yes, even if it means fewer bike paths and less money going to the Washington Metro.


Taxation- I’ll be pushing to lower your taxes and opposing the multi-billion dollar tax hike the governor is endorsing.


Jobs and the economy- I’ll support cutting taxes and regulation on businesses, protecting Right-to-Work, while fighting against efforts to force union membership and impose a job-killing $15 minimum wage.


Healthcare- I’ll work to maximize quality, affordability and availability by promoting competition and opposing movement to a single payer system.


Education, Second Amendment rights, protecting innocent life, sensible energy policies, protecting religious liberty are all too important to stand by quietly and risk seeing our great Commonwealth go the way of liberal states whose economies are crumbling.


I've been working hard for you over the last several years and I hope to have your continued support. Click on the images below for details on the three events we have planned- I hope to see you at one or more of these!

Thank you again, and may God bless you and your family with a Merry Christmas!














Richmond Office (Jan-Feb):
(804) 698-1033
District Office:
P.O. Box 6
Hamilton, Virginia 20159
(540) 751-8364
Social Media:


Phone: 540-751-8364



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