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2020 General Assembly Update: Week Two

Dear Friends,

We’ve just completed the second week of the 2020 General Assembly Session, and I wanted to provide a quick update on what’s been happening in Richmond.

Friday, after session, I was able to have two meetings in my office; first with staff from the State Corporation Commission, then with two Deputy Secretaries of Transportation and their consultant for the Greenway study. My legislation to reform Greenway tolls was the topic of both meetings.

“Delegate LaRock arguing forcefully for bill to make sure transportation dollars are being spent on roads and bridges, not moved discreetly to non-transportation purposes”

My colleagues and I in the House of Delegates are working hard on behalf of the people of Virginia. Days are split between meeting individual constituents and groups like local school boards, representatives from local governments, and various interest groups. There has been very little committee action as Democrats instead put energy into things like the so-called Equal Rights Amendment.

If you'd like more detailed information about some of the other legislation of concern to families, the Family Foundation's latest bulletin is here- I encourage you to subscribe to their updates.

Just yesterday, one of the most experienced state employees who drafts legislation, threw his arms up and quit in frustration during a hearing. I used to say we are very different from Washington DC, but the dysfunctionality of the first two weeks is unprecedented. This video of our minority leader speaking today captures some of the lows

As you have no doubt heard, there’s a great deal of controversy surrounding the Second Amendment here in Richmond, and the House of Delegates will soon be considering gun control legislation. Here's a great speech by Del. Nick Freitas which eloquently expresses my views on this issue. My office has been bombarded with calls and emails from gun owners and other concerned citizens. Rest assured,

“I continue to be a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and will work and vote to protect our rights.”

The outpouring of protest reacting to the Democrats' bad gun bills this session is expected to peak this coming Monday when tens of thousands of patriotic citizens come to the Capital. My guess is that there is ten times the police presence on the grounds daily, for no obvious reason. The expense for this and lots of other security measures will be borne by taxpayers. These fences are showing up and the Governor has declared a state-of-emergency for Monday, Lobby Day. Here's a satirical commentary on his actions.... He has an odd way of welcoming people who do not share his viewpoint. 

This session I am serving on the Transportation Committee, Communications, Technology and Innovation Committee, and Counties, Cities and Towns Committee, where I look forward to enacting meaningful legislation on behalf of the 33rd District. You can follow the actions of each committee by using the following links:

I have introduced 41 bills and a resolution addressing issues like improving transportation spending and battling the opioid crisis. So far, two of these were killed by Democrat-controlled committees; two others were "incorporated" into similar bills introduced by Democrats and are moving forward that way. 

Here are a few of my bills that I believe are especially important:

If you’d like to view a complete list of legislation introduced or sponsored by me, that's online here. You can also track other legislation in the General Assembly here.

As the delegate representing the 33rd District, I hold your concerns as my highest priority. If ever I may be of assistance to you and your family, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at You can also follow me on twitter @LaRock4Delegate or like my Facebook page to keep up to date with what I’m doing in Richmond.

Throughout the next 8 weeks, I will do my best to communicate with you through these emails and social media; please follow me on all of these platforms for the latest updates.

Thank you for the honor and privilege you have entrusted me with. Please keep me and all our elected officials in your prayers, especially these next several weeks.


Doing a Skype interview with FOX5 DC regarding my letter asking the Governor to deescalate the gun grab rhetoric, which is hurting our National Guard and Law Enforcement.

I've worked extensively with the organizers of this Monday's rally. Although they have been doing these events for years, the huge crowd expected this year has brought many more logistical challenges. They're doing a great job working with local authorities to get everything ready, and I'm looking forward to meeting many of the tens of thousands of patriotic folks in a couple of days - read the latest news on the rally here!


Unfortunately, some bad actors are seeking to hijack this event- Republican leadership has made it clear those people are not welcome at the Capitol or the Lobby Day event!




2nd-Amendment-supporting constituents from Loudoun County. They didn't make it into the Senate Committee hearing on the gun bills (some anti-gun people were allowed to cut in line to fill the room), but were able to watch live from our office, as the three bad bills were passed.

Frederick County Public Schools Board members and staff

Frederick County Firefighters

Great to meet Scott Jenkins, Sheriff of Culpeper County!

Guess who? Clue: he ran back the longest interception for a TD at Lambeau field. How many yards? Answer below....


There's been a huge law enforcement presence all session- they've brought VSP troopers from all around the state.






Stepped off the floor for a quick visit with two bright and friendly UVA students who study with my political director- John "Jack" Forys. “Nice tie Tommy”

People are clever - all legislators received this via email from Dan Keeney 


Answer: Aaron Rouse, former Hokie football player, 99yds.


Get in touch and stay connected:


District Office: P.O. Box 6, Hamilton, Virginia 20159 (540) 751-8364

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