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Lyme disease: a threat to our community

I'm Dave LaRock, Virginia Delegate for the 33rd District. I've lived in Northern Virginia for more than three decades.

It's clear that our community is under a growing threat: Lyme disease

This potentially devastating disease is especially prevalent in the 33rd district
More than 25% of all of the confirmed cases of Lyme in Virginia were reported in Loudoun, Clarke, or Frederick Counties.

All of us have friends, family, or loved ones that are struggling with the physical and mental cost of this debilitating illness. We can't wait. We need leadership. We need to act - NOW!

Record of Results:


I wanted to personally thank you for all of your hard work and support regarding the bill that you brought on behalf of the Lyme community. As a result of your endeavors, a protocol has been established in order for patients to file a complaint for violations of Va. H.B. 1933. All complaints will be investigated. Repeated complaints pertaining to any single physician may result in a hearing and reprimand. All reprimands will be made public. We are still ironing out all of the details and once they are finalized, we will make sure to apprise you!... You are a class act. I have worked with a lot of Senators and Delegates and it is reasonably easy to discern those who are sincere, committed and genuine. You are all of those. Thank you for standing by us this year. I am personally grateful.... Thank you! Susan R. Green, Attorney-at-Law

As your delegate, I pledge that I will continue to:

  • Make fighting the spread of Lyme disease a top legislative priority.
  • Side with the citizens and advocacy organizations in efforts to end Lyme suffering
  • Work alongside the people of the district to find ways to increase the awareness of the spread, prevention, and treatment of Lyme disease.

I Need Your Help!

Using our Lyme Disease Solution Center, send me your suggestions. I need YOUR suggestions on ANY ISSUES relating to Lyme awareness, prevention, and treatment!

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