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My legislative priorities are based on my belief in Constitutionally-limited government and the understanding that the primary role of government is to protect our God-given rights. I try to make sure all my legislation focuses on protecting our rights and reforming government so that it provides essential services in an efficient manner.

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    2022 SESSION

    2022 Session Summary Letter sent to constituents

    2021 SESSION

    2021 Session Summary letter



    2020 SESSION

    2020 Session Summary Letter

    Legislation Incorporated into/or Similar Bill - Going to the Governor 

    HB 632 Zoning; development approvals.  (SB 647)

    HB 767 Parking; local regulation of certain vehicles. (HB 1259)

    HB 773 Refunds of local taxes; authority of treasurer. (HB 316)

    HB 1227 Unmanned aerial systems; local regulation. (HB 742)

    HB 1487 Gun safes; exemption from sales tax for sales of safes. (HB 888)

    Transportation Solutions, Many Supported by Local Governments, which were Defeated:

    HB 635 Traffic incident management vehicles; exempt from certain regulations.

    HB 642 Transportation funding; statewide prioritization process.

    HB 768 Commercial and industrial property; additional real property tax in certain localities.

    HB 774 Commonwealth Transportation Board; increases revenue-sharing funds.

    HB 970 Transportation; use of funds.

    HB 1377 Architectural and engineering contracts; certain localities.

    HB 1389 Transportation funds; use of funds for projects

    HB 1729 Commonwealth Transportation Board; membership, suburban representation.

    Toll Relief Measures

    HB 677 Interstate 66; reverse tolling, toll revenue on Interstate 66 and Interstate 395.

    HB 771 Dulles Greenway; amends the powers and responsibilities of the SCC to regulate toll road operators.

    HB 772 Virginia Highway Corporation Act of 1988; Department of Transportation authority.

    HB 971 Virginia Highway Corporation Act of 1988; termination of certificate of authority.

    HB 1728 Motor vehicles; car tax credit for paid tolls.

    Supporting our Local First Responders

    HB 766 Income tax, state; subtractions for volunteer firefighters, etc.

    HB 1367 Higher educational institutions, public; in-state tuition, volunteer firefighters and EMS providers.

    Good Ideas from Constituents

    HB 680 Virginia Public Procurement Act; information technology project services contracts, behind schedule.

    HB 685 Va Public Procurement Act; preference for contractors using automatic billing verification software.

    HB 626 Opioids; prescribing, required patient disclosures.

    HB 769 Local government; codification of ordinances, affirmative defense.

    HB 979 Utility easements; pole attachments.

    HB 1212 Personal motor vehicle insurance policy; compliance with terms and conditions.

    HB 1357 Wildlife or fish; sale of mounts permitted.   (Passed the House; Killed in Senate)

    HB 1476 Motor vehicle dealers; advertising.

    HJ 69 Virginia State Police; air emergency medical services, report.

    Local Government Legislative Priorities

    HB 634 School Divisions of Innovation; local assessments.   (Passed the House; Killed in Senate)

    HB 636 Town residents; provision of county services.

    HB 679 Real and personal property tax exemptions; repeals exemptions.

    HB 770 Goats; grazing on stream buffers.  (Reached agreement with State agency to address this need)

    HB 978 Improper driving; driving without full attention to operation of vehicle.

    HB 1393 Nutrient credit trading; adjacent hydrologic unit code.

    Education Reform and Opportunity

    HB 678 Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts; established, report.

    HB 683 Family life education programs; student participation.


    Fighting Back to Protect Life

    HB 1485 Firearms; regulation by localities, workplace rules, limitation.

    HB 1486 Place of religious worship; carrying dangerous weapon.

    HB 1551 Abortion; fetal dismemberment prohibited.

    Commending Outstanding Individuals and Organizations in Our Community

    HJ 162 Commending the Division of Capitol Police.     (Passed the House; Killed in Senate)

    HJ 326 Commending Adrian J. O'Connor.

    HJ 481 Celebrating the life of Betsey Jean Smith Brown.

    HJ 500 Commending Helen Butts.

    HJ 501 Commending Mary Morris.

    HJ 502 Commending David L. Ash.

    HJ 503 Commending the Woodgrove High School girls' soccer team.

    HJ 504 Commending the Loudoun County High School girls’ volleyball team.

    HJ 505 Commending Heidi Trude.

    HJ 506 Commending Tree of Life Ministries.

    HR 60 Commending the Loudoun Hunt.

    HR 153 Commending Victor LoPreto.

    HR 210 Commending Loudoun County wineries.

    HR 211 Commending the Clarke County High School academic team.

    Other Legislative Efforts:

    Chief Co-Patron


    Budget Amendments


    2019 SESSION

    2019 Legislation Tracking Board

    Passed the House & Senate and signed by the Governor (became law):

    Passed the House, but died in Senate:

    Failed to pass this year; I will continue to work to resolve these issues in the future:

      Budget amendments

      Commending or celebrating the lives of outstanding individuals and organizations in our communities:

      I was also Chief Co-Patron of four pieces of legislation and Co-patron of an additional 45 bills.

      2019 Session constituent letter


      2018 SESSION

      I filed more legislation in the 2018 session than ever before, 30 bills and resolutions plus nine Commending and Memorial Resolutions. As usual, my focus was on Transportation, Education, Government reform, and helping vulnerable people in our communities.

      Passed the House & Senate and sent to the Governor:

        Incorporated into similar legislation that passed:

        Passed the House, but died in Senate:

        Letter sent by Committee chair- to be studied further for future action:

        Failed to pass this year; I will continue to work on these in the future:

        Commending or celebrating the lives of outstanding individuals and organizations in our communities:

        Budget Amendments


        2017 SESSION

        2017 legislation tracking board

        I carried several important bills and resolutions this year. In total I submitted 27 pieces of legislation including 15 bills, three resolutions, and nine Commending Resolutions. Six pieces of legislation successfully passed the legislature. Here is a full list of my legislation and its status:

        Passed the House & Senate and sent to the Governor:

        Identical legislation signed by the Governor:

        Resolutions approved:

        Failed to pass this year, I will continue to work on these issues:

        Determined to be not necessary at this time:

        Commending outstanding individuals and organizations in our communities:

        I was also the Chief Co-Patron on seven pieces of legislation and Co-Patron on an additional 61 bills and resolutions.


        2016 SESSION

        I carried several important bills and resolutions; In total I submitted 25 pieces of legislation including six Commending Resolutions. Six bills went to the Governor in some form. Here is a full list of my legislation and its status:

        Passed the House & Senate and sent to the Governor:

        Incorporated into similar/identical bills which passed the Legislature and went to Governor:

        Purpose of legislation accomplished by other means (The Federal Government fixed the firearms law, and the agency that licenses medical providers is sending a letter to providers reminding them to follow the disclosure law):

        Legislation that did not pass this session, but will be studied by legislative commissions over the next few months or carried over to next session:

        Legislation that we will work on more for possible re-introduction next session:

        Budget Amendments (full list here):

        • 398 #1h Authorize Establishment of Rappahannock Regional Criminal Justice Academy
        • 428 #4h New Information Sharing and Analysis Organization
        • 4-5.04 #5h Restriction on Funding for Abortion Services

        Commending Resolutions which passed the House and Senate:

        I was also the Chief Co-Patron on thirteen pieces of legislation and Co-Patron on an additional 70 bills and resolutions.


        2015 SESSION

        * = passed House;  ** = passed Senate;  *** = became law (HRs and HJs do not go to the governor)

        I was also the Chief Co-Patron on ten pieces of legislation and Co-Patron on an additional 72 bills and resolutions.

        Issue-Specific Legislation Lists:


        2014 SESSION

        In the 2014 session I introduced:

        • Three bills to reduce tolls on the Dulles Toll Road (DTR)
        • Three bills to reform transportation spending in Northern Virginia to provide more traffic congestion relief for our region
        • Two bills to protect 2nd Amendment rights (one passed the House)
        • One bill to protect property rights in annexations (this bill became law)
        • One bill to save the state money and provide parents with education choices
        • I also introduced a budget amendment to eliminate taxpayer-funded abortions of disabled babies

        You can view full lists of all the 2014 session legislation that I Patroned or Co-Patroned here


        Non-Legislation Priorities and Activities

        Besides these bills I introduced, I am always working on other issues of importance. Some of these are summarized below:

        • I continued working to bring transparency and accountability to the Dulles Rail Project to protect Virginia taxpayers and Dulles Toll Road users.
        • Working to re-open the Purcellville DMV Select after circumstances beyond state control caused a temporary shut down. I am also working with DMV to expand services.
        • I worked to inform residents and our local elected officials on the dangers of tying our state budget to Medicaid expansion, and I continue to oppose Obamacare Medicaid expansion in Virginia.
        • When our Virginia Attorney General refused to defend the Constitution and laws of Virginia, I signed letters, cosponsored legislation, and urged supporters to file complaints with the Virginia Bar.
        • I fought for a permanent solution to the long-festering issue of safe, reliable water in Raspberry Falls and Selma Estates communities in Loudoun County - and we won!
        • My staff and I have participated in numerous community meetings regarding the Heroin epidemic.
        • Improving transportation by ensuring that only the best projects will receive funding- no more money wasted on political pork projects that don't reduce congestion! More on this here.

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