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Lyme Disease

Lyme disease: a threat to our community

I've lived in Northern Virginia for more than three decades.

It's clear that our community is under a growing threat: Lyme disease

This potentially devastating disease is especially prevalent in the 33rd district.

More than 25% of all of the confirmed cases of Lyme in Virginia were reported in Loudoun, Clarke, or Frederick Counties.

All of us have friends, family, or loved ones that are struggling with the physical and mental cost of this debilitating illness. We can't wait. We need leadership. We need to act - NOW!

As your delegate, I:

  • Make fighting the spread of Lyme disease a top legislative priority.
  • Side with the citizens and advocacy organizations in efforts to end Lyme suffering
  • Work alongside the people of the district to find ways to increase the awareness of the spread, prevention, and treatment of Lyme disease.


Leading in the fight against Lyme disease

In the 2016 session, working with NatCapLyme Executive Director, Monte Skall, and NatCapLyme Legislative Counsel, Susan R. Green, I introduced HB 962. This bill, based on a law passed in 2013, which mandated medical professionals who order a Lyme test to disclose in writing to patients that these tests are known to be problematic and can produce false results. HB 962, as originally written, would have imposed fines on those providers who did not inform their patients in writing about the limitations of the test for Lyme diseases.

As an alternative solution, an understanding was reached with the administration that a reminder will be sent to all Virginia physicians emphasizing the mandatory nature of the requirement that a Lyme testing disclosure sheet be provided to each patient being tested for Lyme disease. If a patient does not receive the required notification, the patient may file a complaint by going to Each complaint will be investigated, and if the situation warrants, a disciplinary hearing may be held. Actions resulting from these hearings will be reported and made available to the public.


I Need Your Help!

Using our Lyme Disease Solution Center, send me your suggestions. I need YOUR suggestions on ANY ISSUES relating to Lyme awareness, prevention, and treatment!

I am leading in Richmond in the fight to eradicate Lyme disease!

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