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Dave on the Issues


TAXES: Dave believes Virginia’s taxes are high enough and has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge opposing increases in Virginia tax rates without corresponding cuts in other taxes. Dave opposes Obamacare's expansion of the budget-consuming Medicaid program.
SPENDING: Costs for everything rise because of inflation, but government’s size shouldn’t be increasing more than population growth. As your delegate, Dave LaRock is working to keep Virginia a conservative, low tax state by keeping spending at or below current levels and opposing expansion of welfare giveaway programs that threaten that status.

EDUCATION: Our community has some of the best schools in the nation, but we can make them even better. Dave’s Education Plan will give parents, teachers, and local officials more control over our schools by cutting red tape and over-regulation from Washington, DC and Richmond. We need to cut administrative bureaucracy and shift money to reduce class size and increase teacher compensation.

TRAFFIC AND ROADS: Northern Virginia pays a disproportionate share of taxes for transportation and we get far too little back. Northern Virginia should see our tax dollars spent here, rather than watch Richmond politicians distribute them around the state. Dave LaRock will fight to change that as Delegate. Dave will also continue to lead on efforts to ensure that transportation funding is directed to projects that do the most to improve congestion relief and safety. 

STANDING UP TO WASHINGTON: Virginians need strong conservative leaders who work to bring innovative, effective solutions to the issues facing our communities. Far too often, regulations and mandates from Washington, DC increase costs, block innovation, and hurt our efforts to provide essential services and grow our economy. Dave believes that we must rein in federal over-reach and hold the power of the federal government to Constitutional limits.

MOTORISTS RIGHTS: Dave LaRock stands up for people who have to use their cars to get around, opposing wasteful road and transit projects that aren't necessary or cost-efficient. Dave is leading in the fight to ensure that our transportation funds are used to fix our legendary, worst-in-the-nation traffic congestion here in Northern Virginia.

AGRICULTURE: Agriculture and forestry combined are Virginia’s largest industry, and they support many other industries. They are extremely important as job-creators and in sustaining local communities here in the 33rd District. That makes agriculture and forestry extremely important to Dave, and will work to protect the interests of farmers while managing the state budget wisely.

CONSERVATIVE VALUES: Dave LaRock is a Rock-Solid leader standing up for what we believe: pro-Life, pro-Second Amendment, and strong for all our conservative values.

2nd Amendment

I am completely open about where I stand on gun rights: I support them 100%. I’m proud of my “A” rating from the NRA and high scores from the VCDL. Every session I’ve introduced legislation to protect the rights of gun owners. And I've fought back against Gov. McAuliffe, AG Herring and other Democrats’ plans to strip Virginian gun owners of their rights. 

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Access to affordable, reliable, high-speed internet access is becoming a critical need for families and businesses. I'm working hard to remove barriers that are hindering expansion of this service in our communities.

Read more about my efforts and the progress we're making here.

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One of the most frequent constituent concerns my office and I assist with involve the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). We are usually able to help resolve issues quickly for constituents.

DMV tries to make as many transactions as possible available online in an attempt to reduce costs and wait times. DMV Full-service Customer Service Centers are located in Leesburg and Winchester, a DMV Select is location in Berryville, and DMV Connect makes visits around the district.

Read more about all these options here.

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Our community has some of the best schools in the nation, but Dave has a plan to make them even better....

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Election Integrity

The integrity of our elections is necessary to protect our rights; if significant errors or weaknesses in the processes are allowed to continue, or if illegal votes are allowed to cancel out legitimate votes, confidence in our leaders being selected and leading according to "the consent of the governed" is undermined. 

On this page, I will provide links to my efforts on this issue, as well as reports and other information regarding election law and results in the Commonwealth. Voter information for upcoming elections is on a separate page here.

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I am committed to protecting the unborn, while helping women in crisis situations get the help that they need. As a delegate, I have introduced legislation and budget amendments to protect Life each session.

Learn more about my efforts and the science supporting the need to protect the unborn here.

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Religious Liberty

Religious liberty was foundational in the settling of America, and in the formation of our nation. The free exercise of religion is explicitly protected from government interference in our Virginia and United States Constitutions and laws. Unfortunately, the God-given right to religious liberty is under increasing attack from those who cannot tolerate religious viewpoints that differ from their own. I'm honored to use the position entrusted to me by the voters of the 33rd House District to advocate for and stand with people and organizations of faith throughout the Commonwealth.

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COVID-19; Medical Freedom; Re-Open Virginia

Government mismanagement of the COVID-19 situation brought a terrible descent into personal, economic, and societal demise. I've been working to stand up for Virginians' rights, tell the truth about effective solutions, and help get Virginia's economy back on track.

Read more and sign petitions here...

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Toll Relief

I am fighting to ensure that tolls on the Dulles Toll Road, Dulles Greenway, and I-66 are kept as low as possible. Read more to see progress that is being made on this issue.

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Virginia's transportation system was broken, but this was a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Read how Dave's common-sense efforts have already saved taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. We need progress, not politics, to get Virginia's traffic moving!

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Local Transportation Projects

While I work to ensure our transportation funds are spent wisely at the state level, I do so partially to increase funding available for much-needed projects in the 33rd District. Information on current and soon-coming projects is here. (Read More)

WMATA / Metrorail

WMATA has been in downward spiral for many years, but I am encouraged by the leadership of GM/CEO Paul J. Wiedefeld has shown in making hard choices to turn the system around. There are still major structural issues to be resolved, including governance, management and labor issues, before we should throw more money at the problem. Virginia has led the way on reforming WMATA, passing key improvements to the WMATA Compact years and even decades ago. If we get to the point where WMATA has been “fixed” and still have a need for increased subsidies, station-area tax districts or other options are better than the region-wide regional sales tax. 

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Rt. 15

I have been meeting with constituents and advocating for safety improvements and congestion relief for Rt. 15 North of Leesburg. This dangerous and over-capacity roadway has been studied and studied for decades, and I'm working to see it get fixed!

Read more....

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Interstate 81 in Virginia sees traffic far greater than design capacity, and it is getting worse. Accidents are on the rise and congestion is almost a daily occurrence.  It's time for the state to focus on safety and capacity improvements in the Shenandoah Valley. I am working with federal, state, and local officials to raise awareness on this issue, and identify cost-effective solutions.


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Lyme Disease

I've lived in Northern Virginia for more than three decades.
It's clear that our community is under a growing threat: Lyme disease. This potentially devastating disease is especially prevalent in the 33rd district. More than 25% of all of the confirmed cases of Lyme in Virginia were reported in Loudoun, Clarke, or Frederick Counties.

All of us have friends, family, or loved ones that are struggling with the physical and mental cost of this debilitating illness. We can't wait. We need leadership. We need to act - NOW!

Read more about my Lyme Disease leadership here:

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Dave’s Plan for Virginia

Dave will fight for responsible spending, traffic congestion relief, making our schools even better, and protecting our rights.

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Keeping Virginia the Best State for Business

Virginia is America's Best State for Business, according to Forbes. Forbes says Virginia's "diverse economy, strong workforce and pro-business regulatory climate" propels the Old Dominion state to the No. 1 ranking. Dave will work hard to keep Virginia business-friendly. (Read More)

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