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Taxes, Government Spending, and Cost of Living

Dave believes Virginia’s taxes are too high and is 100% opposed to tax increases. Costs for everything rise because of inflation. Dave LaRock is working to keep Virginia a conservative, low tax state by keeping spending at or below current levels and opposing expansion of welfare giveaway programs that threaten that status. Dave has also worked in the legislature to protect property rights, and to prevent continually increasing local residential real state taxes, by ensuring that businesses pay their fair share.

Dave also has opposed Dominion Energy's schemes to enrich their investors and force customers to bear all the risk and costs of "green energy". He voted with Republicans to withdraw Virginia from the costly and ineffective Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), which  was nothing more than a Democrat-imposed TAX scheme that makes electricity more expensive for everyone in Virginia. Now, state regulators have agreed to withdraw from RGGI, a move that will significantly lower electricity rates providing much needed help in these stressful economic times. 

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I love my 7 children and 19 grandchildren and want all babies to be treated with dignity and respect from the time of conception. I am committed to protecting the unborn, while helping women in crisis situations get the help they need. As a Delegate, I have introduced legislation and budget amendments each session to protect life and strengthen families.

Learn more about my efforts and the science supporting the need to protect the unborn here.

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EDUCATION: Delegate Dave LaRock and Governor Glen Youngkin agree on a course to Excellence in Education. LaRock said, “Parents want to raise healthy, happy children who are ready to realize their full potential, so quality education options are a must.” Many parents are outraged at schools pushing extreme ideologies and hiding it from parents. We must ensure that parents know what their children are learning in school, protect girls’ athletics from males who claim to be female, and expand school choice options. Governor Youngkin is committed to improvement of education and fixing the mistake of dumbing down what kids are being taught. Instead he is saying we should “Offer more advanced math and science opportunities and vocational training in high demand fields.” Taxpayers are paying huge sums (whether they know it or not) on material that is not connected with fundamental learning. Greater transparency will help parents make the best decisions for their children’s education. LaRock added, “Focusing on core academics and vocational training are priorities all families can agree on.” Parents have the right to instill and nurture values and beliefs in their own children and make decisions concerning their children’s development in accordance with their customs, faith, and family culture. School policies must ensure that parents are in charge. More information on my work on Education Opportunity is available at

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2nd Amendment

I am completely open about where I stand on gun rights: I support them 100%. I’m proud of my “A” rating from the NRA and high scores from the VCDL. Every session, I’ve introduced and supported legislation to protect the rights of gun owners. And I've fought back against Gov. McAuliffe, AG Herring and other Democrats’ plans to strip Virginian gun owners of their rights. 

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Election Integrity

The integrity of our elections is necessary to protect our rights; if significant errors or weaknesses in the processes are allowed to continue, or if illegal votes are allowed to cancel out legitimate votes, confidence in our leaders being selected and leading according to "the consent of the governed" is undermined. 

On this page, I will provide links to my efforts on this issue, as well as reports and other information regarding election law and results in the Commonwealth. Voter information for upcoming elections is on a separate page here.

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Agriculture and forestry are Virginia’s 1st and 3rd largest industries, respectively, and they support many other industries. They are extremely important as job-creators and in sustaining local communities. They are also crucial to having affordable, accessible and safe food supply in an ever-changing economy. Dave has worked hard on efforts to protect agricultural land from development and environmentalists. Read More


Access to affordable, reliable, high-speed internet access is becoming a critical need for families and businesses. I'm working hard to remove barriers that are hindering expansion of this service in our communities.

Read more about my efforts and the progress we're making here.

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Religious Liberty

Religious liberty was foundational in the settling of America, and in the formation of our nation. The free exercise of religion is explicitly protected from government interference in our Virginia and United States Constitutions and laws. Unfortunately, the God-given right to religious liberty is under increasing attack from those who cannot tolerate religious viewpoints that differ from their own. I'm honored to use the position entrusted to me by the voters of the 33rd House District to advocate for and stand with people and organizations of faith throughout the Commonwealth.

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Medical Freedom; COVID-19; Re-Open Virginia

Medical freedom is under attack from Big Government and Big Pharma who are desperate increase their power and force people to take unsafe drugs and vaccines to prop up their profit margins. Government mismanagement of the COVID-19 situation brought a terrible descent into personal, economic, and societal demise. I've been working to stand up for Virginians' rights, tell the truth about effective solutions, and help get Virginia's economy back on track.

Read more and sign petitions here...

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Toll Relief

I am fighting to ensure that tolls on the Dulles Toll Road, Dulles Greenway, and I-66 are kept as low as possible. Read more to see progress that is being made on this issue.

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Virginia's transportation system was broken, but this was a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Read how Dave's common-sense efforts have already saved taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. We need progress, not politics, to get Virginia's traffic moving!

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Rt. 15

I have been meeting with constituents and advocating for safety improvements and congestion relief for Rt. 15 North of Leesburg. This dangerous and over-capacity roadway has been studied and studied for decades, and I'm working to see it get fixed!

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Interstate 81 in Virginia sees traffic far greater than design capacity, and it is getting worse. Accidents are on the rise and congestion is almost a daily occurrence.  It's time for the state to focus on safety and capacity improvements in the Shenandoah Valley. I am working with federal, state, and local officials to raise awareness on this issue, and identify cost-effective solutions.


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Sage's Law

In the Summer of 2021, a freshman named Sage, with a difficult past including foster care and adoption by her grandparents, started at Appomattox High School. Trying to find acceptance from her peers, she decided to "transition" to be treated as a boy at school - a new name "Draco", new pronouns and using the boy's bathroom. The school did not inform Sage's parents of their active participation in Sage's transition. Within a couple of weeks, she was assaulted by a group of boys in a boys' bathroom. The school eventually contacted Sage's parents, telling them to come pick up their distraught child. At home, Sage's mom assured her that she could stay home from school until they figured out what to do; her mom also found a hall pass for "Draco" in Sage's backpack. A few hours later, Sage ran away from home to meet up with a "friend" she met through an "affirming" website. Instead, Sage was victimized by brutally sex trafficking for nine days before being recovered by the FBI in Maryland. Then, things only got worse, as an ideological public defender and judge refused to return Sage to her parents, claiming her distraught parents' calling her Sage and using her female pronouns was abuse and neglect. Maryland instead placed Sage in facilities with delinquent boys, where she was further sexually abused and given street drugs. Eventually placed in a behavioral health facility in Loudoun County, VA, Sage asked her mother to provide female clothes, but to keep that secret from facility staff that was pushing her to get a double mastectomy. Sage fled that facility, and again fell into horrific sex trafficking, this time ending up in Texas. Once again rescued, Sage was finally returned to her parents, with help from the Founding Freedoms Law Center in Richmond, VA. Sage's family and advocates requested that Del. LaRock file legislation to ensure that more children do not experience the horrors Sage and her family did. 

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